The Ghostlord's Lair

Seeing the enemy fall on after the other, Arteris quickly understand that his divine power aren't needed now.

Knowing this, he pursue the fight using only his blade to attack the Ettin.

Boramin dismisses the entangle it use now past. Pausing briefly, while his companions deal with the ettin, he runs past using his companions as a shield to see if any other foes might need attention.

Enzo Toradi

"Why can't you just die?", Enzo complains, as he stabs the remaining golbins. Again, the rogue disappears momentarily just before attacking.

Again, the blades strike unprotected gut and goblin blood sprays about.

Day 22, 12h30 pm, end of fight, clear sky

Jorr lowers his bow since his targets seem to run away without asking for more and since all of his companions seem to have the situation near by under control, he waits patiently for the outcome. Believing that his basic knowledge of combat would suffice to end this, Arteris attacks without any divine help. The ettin to his surprise rebuke both sword strike with his clubs.

A little further away, Enzo disappears once more only to reappears as one of his blades open the guts of one of the goblin. And before the other can do anything, his second blade kills him. With a yell, Daerwol comes to Arteris' rescue and swings his morning star twice but hitting once. The brute turns his attention toward the duskblade after that recent wound. From his remote location, Mellavin suddenly breaks into a run and charges the ettin, spear solidly held in hands. He strike the giant just above the hip, running his spear deeply in the ettin's side as the hippogriff above smashes the brute's massive head with a hoove and a nasty bite. Dismissing the plant animation spell, Boramin rushes toward the former fight scene to investigate the deceased and the carriage.

Under so many attacks, the ettin finally collapses to the ground with a heavy thud!

Boramin closes the distance to the dwarf he saw move slightly. Kneeling down he placed a simple cure light wounds upon him. Hoping it would be enough to stabilize him. He checks the dwarf and then his fallen companions in hope of finding another still on the brink.
Dice Roll: 1d8+3
d8 Results: 4 (Total = 7)

As soon as the Ettin touches ground, Mellavin runs towards the fallen bodies, throws down his spear and starts checking for survivors, stabilising those he finds as quickly as possible.

Enzo Toradi

With the animated vegetation gone, only now can Enzo look further away and scan for remaining enemies. After all, there were some more goblins that had not been caught in the initial magic by Boramin.

The writhing plants gone, Daerwol quickly moved toward the sounds of battle in the trees.

Seeing Boramin and Mellavin run toward the fallen citizens that were travelling with the caravan, Arteris takes the time to observe the scene!

Suddenly he sees Daerwol quickly move toward the trees. Without hesitation, the Templar follows him!

Day 22, 12h33 pm, clear sky

Boramin crouches near a dwarf and immediately applies a hand upon the man's torso, sending positive energies to heal some of the wounds that covered his body. Color of his skin instantly changes to a better shade as his breathing eases up. Mellavin comes running to help but as he sees the situation in good hand for now, he inspects the other bodies which are unfortunately all dead. He returns to Boramin's side and adds his knowledge to the halfling's magic.

Meanwhile Enzo searches the surroundings for the remaining goblins while Daerwol and Arteris come to join him. From the road, Jorr informs them of the fleeing goblinoids.
JorrNo need to search, they left as soon as they got outside the druid's magic. I wounded one but I guess that they had wolves hidden further away so they must be too far gone by now!
They finally all gather around the remains of the lone carriage as the dwarven soldier opens slowly his eyes.
VolstaggWhere are they others?

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