The Ghostlord's Lair

"Well solider, care to tell us why you are out here with this carriage. You are the lone survivor and still a long way from home." Boramin replied, "My name is Boramin and this fellow is Mellavin. My other companions are hunting down the rest of the goblins which ran."

Day 22, 12h34 pm, clear sky

The dwarf suddenly sits straight up and looks around in a more alarmed way than before. He immediately winces and places one of his hands to his side, the recent healed wound not yet fully back at normal.
VolstaggWhere are the giants and the goblins? Have you dealt with them? And where's the wagon?
He turns his around and immediately spots the broken wagon as well as the ettin cadavers. He tries to get up but falls on his knees as he spits a little blood. Meanwhile Jorr rejoins Mellavin and Boramin around the woke up dwarf and it is not very long before Enzo, Daerwol and Arteris arrive too. The dwarf finally calms down and sits back as he lets a heavy sigh out of his lungs.
VolstaggWell the name's Volstagg and I'm in debt with you for saving my life. But you did more than that in eliminating the Red Hand threat. We were heading for Hammerfist Holds to bring home a payment from Brindol's ruler, lord Jarmaath, in exchange of a company of axemen to help defend Brindol. Without that payment and letter most of all, he fumbles through his clothing before bringing out a folded parchment, the help asked for would have never arrived in time to be of any help!

"Seems we may need to make a slight detour to Hammerfist Holds before going to visit the Ghostlord." Boramin offered and looked to his companions for input, "A company of axemen will be needed to help bolster the City defenses."

Mellavin jumps as he sees that the other dwarf spits blood and his wounds have not fully healed. He speaks in broken dwarven "Poor man. Let me take care of that. We all need our best strength.", before he applies some more healing. If it's not enough, he'll add more healing.

Boramin removes the map from its case and opens it so to see where Hammerfist was in relation to the Ghostlord lands.

For the time being, Arteris silently listen while his companions speaks with the Dwarf.

He simply nods his heads in agreement when Boramin speaks of a detour!

Day 22, 12h35 pm, clear sky

While Boramin pulls out a detailed map of the Vale, Mellavin takes the dwarf's healing in hand, stitching with magic every wounds and cuts suffered from Volstagg's former fight. The dwarf's color rapidly comes to a more natural aspect in no time.
VolstaggDepend on how you travel, friend. I don't remember you giving your name by the way... in numbers, Hammerfist Holds is still a little short than 60 miles from here. It will be 3 to 4 days before we reach it... and that is without any trouble with Red hand goons who are currently stalking the nearby area. They have taken over the village of Drellin's Ferry 4 days ago.
A rapid look at the map shows you that Hammerfist is standing not that far from your former destination... even though the Holds is within the mountains, the use of the owls makes it relatively close.

Enzo Toradi

"Not too far. We should go to Hammerfist first, methinks. If we carry this to the other place and screw up, basically, the whole region will be in a double-whammy." Enzo looks at the size of the chest, wondering if the birds will be able to carry it. "Say, how heavy is that chest?"

"Can't we put the chest in the magic bag we found?"
Then he turns to Volstagg
"Sorry for us being hasty. I'm Mellavin, not a very Dwarven name, I know, but now's not a time for stories."
He continues to introduce his companions.
"So, anything else we need to do here? These poor fellows could use a proper burial."

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