War on the Horizon: OCC and General Thoughts

War on the Horizon: OCC and General Thoughts

War on the Horizon: Planning Thread and OCC
To start with all characters will start at level 5, please use the standard 4d6, drop the lowest, roll six times method.

Fresh Clean thread, for a new day. Lets Game on!


I think we're inside the temple ... at least that's how I read the posts above. Wilson wouldn't have talked about Morgion and the amulet out in the open.

Naw, they were out front, right at the door. Mal went in to drop off Griff and came back out with the priestess to meet Wilson and Grinder. The priestess turned around and was walking back inside when he started talking. I assumed he just started asking questions since there was no mention of following her.

right, if you read the post, the priestess was looking back into the temple and watching them. Its no problem dont worry about it, I'll assume that he was following.

did you see anything wrong with either myself or cambion's response to picseanpaul's query?


I need 'Virtual' signatures on the 'forums rules thread' once you have had a chance to go through them.


I'll get everything caught up tonight after class, sorry its been hectic, Wifes Grandfather passed away!


I'll be gone from Thursday to Sunday while we travel one last time to my wife's grandfathers place and finish cleaning out the house and finalize a few last details. sorry for the wait, and thanks guys for being so patient.

I'll have this in full swing Sunday Night when I get back.

Maz... Your character will be introduced on Sunday as well, so be ready!!!!


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