War on the Horizon: OCC and General Thoughts

Anyone gunna post?

I'm finishing studying up on my bio and skills/spells all that. Should have a post up by tomorrow at the latest. Gotta run errands today >.<'

OK...things have died down finally and I'm back for good. I'll get some stuff up tonight.
Journey to Solanmthus is waiting on Jarlaxle91 and Lamprecht


I'd like to see this thread start moving along "full out" but in order to do that i think we all need to be in agreement, and want this to move along.

I'll make a post later to move things forward, also as a group (For Solanthus anyway) a consensus needs to be reached as to what the next plan is as far as your movement goes. I have placed several adventure hooks out, if you need me to review them i can.

Also Lamprecht will be out untill his internet gets fixed, so please dont wait on his postings, just move forward without him.

So who's with me? Lets get this puppy moving!


I'm in too. Lets have fun


It seems I may be a dunce. Did I not read somewhere that the reason most of us were journeying to Thelgarrd was because a bunch of Solamnic knights got butchered somewhere?


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