War on the Horizon: OCC and General Thoughts

that was why YOU were going specifically. That was the lure i used on you. Llanthor and Lestianna know nothing of this, and this information could completely change the direction of where they are headed.

That was what I thought; but I couldn't remember where it came up and I thought I might have gone insane lol.

Your Good. Posting your response now (please check the link in the post for information on the god provided)


Hey guys, in Thelgaard Dmitri is holding on to an extra horse. We have 4 in all and Lesti and Llanthor are doubling up so you guys don't have to. The one he's holding is Miles' big black stallion that has something of a temper, though he might calm down with the right touch.

I am going on vacation till the 9th. Wont have net till then


I am on vaction this week as well, and will try to get things caught up as well as I can, however please bare with me as I do. If everything isn’t up to speed, it will be next weekend when I return.


DM to Players:

because of the way things fractured, and the way my time stamps lined up, i was faced with the problem of reuniting one group before the other one was ready. This was a MASSIVE dm error, and for one i deeply appologize. I should have forseen this problem in greater detial sooner rather than when it was to late.

In any event, i need to fix it. So being left with very few alternitives, and having mostly tied everything up with what needed to happen, (aside from entering the new characters) in each story thread. I have closed BOTH threads and will jump scenes and flash forward to where the two groups reunite. My hope is that this will get the game back on track and we wont have to split the party again anytime soon. If we do, i'll make better preperations and see to it thing run smoother.

I appologize to the new commers, normally i dont have this issue, however for this particular game i was trying something new and needless to say, it didn't work out as i had anticipated.

Needless to say, the two groups will be reuniting on the new thread, ALL PLAYERS should go to the thread:
WoTH: New Heights; heavy descions

Just checking in. My time has been greatly reduced but I'm here to stay. Finally got the whole group back together. Curious to see how the new blood fits in when the going gets tough.


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