War on the Horizon: OCC and General Thoughts

So after returning from vacation my original plan was to get in full gear and get all my games back up and running and in full swing. However, recent events have placed that plan on hold yet one more time. A friend of mine has decided to move from Virginia to Colorado this week, and has asked me to help him drive out there. So I’ll be leaving tomorrow, and flying back on Sunday. Obviously this will postpone things slightly. As I’ll be returning on Sunday in the afternoon (EST), I’ll get something up and running for each of my games Sunday night, if not before then. Please be patient while I wrap up my summer schedule and things begin to get back to a semi normal routine.

Thank you to everyone for being so patient with your DM


currently updating all games, this one is next on my list and will get updated tonight

As a brief recap:
1. Investigate the Knighthood and Morgions influence, and search out the traitors to the knighthood.
2. Go back to Thelgarrd and help defend the city against the oncoming horde of humanoids.
3. Finish the mission to find Lady Plainswind and rescue her.
4. Look for the few remaining Knights who were affected by the Morgions disease and managed to survive.
5. Search for Lord Buorn and the Lord Mayor of Solanthus.
Okay, for my part, Mal would be interested in checking out the traitors or looking for those infected knights.

Dmitri would be okay with looking for Plainswind or the Mayor, pretty much anything not dangerous.

Both are going to put up a heavy fight if they are called to fight a lost cause at Thelgarrd.

Horus, being quite dismayed at the fall of the knights and the possible further corruption of Morgian's disease on survivors, would want to help track down the remaining knights.

Valkeer is interested in which ever path allows him to accompany the knight whom as lost his memory. Most interested in how the knights were slaughtered though, and finding any alive knights would be a good idea.

Grinder is interested in tracking down the missing politicians as he believes they will lead the party to Morgion's agents. Llathor would be more interested in finding and rescuing Lady Plainswind because he doesn't believe the group will be able to make much of a difference in Thelgaard.

Okay Guys, heres what i have going,

The Taio Show Has agreed to come in with us, rather than bring in yet one more character, he's decided to take Ryke off my hands (Even Knowing the Character flaws and all. . . . Ha Ha Ha).

So In the Next few post, Taio show will be taking Ryke off my hands. Please be gentle with him untill he gets used to the game.

thanks Guys

Howdy folks!

Glad that Val extended the offer for me to take over such an interesting character, and join in on a Dragonlance Game. I've been reading these books for fifteen years, so I love the fact I get to play in the setting.

Read over stuff, and Val gave me all sorts of horrible details, so I'm sure we will all have an awesome time at this!

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