War on the Horizon: OCC and General Thoughts

I've enjoyed reading so far, am definitely looking forward to seeing how this goes!

So, since I'm new to this and reviewing threads, you guys wanna fill me in on your characters? Some of you obviously have connections with Ryke from the other forum he was played on.

Care to fill me in on those relationships?

Valkeer, the monk, apparently found you unconcious on the side of the road, and wanted to watch over your illness of not remembering. (Amnesia)

Val wanted me to let everyone know the diplomacy check passed and we are good to move on. I'll post later today when I get a chance.

As far as who knows Ryke, the original party consisted of Llanthor, Grinder, Lestianna, Angriff, and a few other dead or missing characters. It was a special unit created by the late commander Tardanius. They were sent to Lighthorn Keep with the mission simply to destroy the keep. They succeeded, but in the battle Ryke had been stolen away from them by beasts of chaos and assumed dead.

Griff is Ryke's prodige and the others are good friends. They'll surely want to help restore his memory.

Yeah, I knew that much thankfully, haha.

I was mostly curious if there were any specifics between any of the current characters, and Ryke. Like, what sort of relationship do they have besides just being friends? Are Grinder and Ryke rousing drinking buddies? Did Llanthor mentor him any?

Val is away for the weekend, but he's suppose to be getting a hold of the old forum threads so I can look through them and identify these relationships and quirks, but I figured until then I would get everyones personal rememberings on it.

Griff used to be Ryke's apprentice, for lack of a better way of explaining it. Griff probably took Ryke's death the hardest and I would assume holds Ryke in his heart as a fatherly figure.

Grinder was a lead medic so his interactions with Ryke were limited to healing prior to the mission to Lighthorn. Grinder and Griff are best buds and the dwarf always considered Ryke the overbearing boss of his buddy.

Llanthor was closer to Ryke due to the fact that those two generally made the decisions for the party. They had more of a professional relationship because Ryke had a stick up his ass like most knights. I imagine that Ryke felt closest to Llanthor though, prior to the memory loss of course.

Bottom line is Ryke was mister serious all the time. He didn't really make much room for relationships other than business.

Gotcha, that's good to know. Allow me to play with some mannerisms better, and know what I'll be changing up.

Ha! Thanks Jarlaxle, I didn't even notice a Sabrina being mentioned.

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