War on the Horizon: OCC and General Thoughts

I can answer that one, Jar. Aurora is riding to you, from the direction of Solanthus.

So yeah, it would appear she is on the run from Solanthus.

I'm looking for a post from Mazuto, if I don't see one within the next 24 hours (EST = 3pm @ The time of this post), I will assume control of the PC, and move forward.

We have begun to build a momentum, i do not wish to loose.


Agreed. I'm really looking forward to seeing where this story goes. Got some quality rp'rs finally and good activity.

I am looking forward to Horus being more than a cute guy in robes. Bring me something to put the smack down on lol.

That would be the next scene

OK, so my current project involves something a little different I’d like to get off the ground, and judge to see who’s interested and who isn’t.

Every Thursday night my wife is out of town. After I get the kids in bed, I have a whole night to myself (This is most Thursdays anyway). What I would like to do, is get a ‘Virtual’ table top game going Via the internet. The game would most likely start around 9:00pm at night and run until 12, (That’s Eastern Standard Time). I’m really hoping to get enough people interested in doing this to make it worthwhile. Play by Post is fun, but I feel like if I could pull this off, it has the potential to be ‘bad ass’

Please let me know if you’re interested. Currently I’m looking at different programs to use, and how to set it up (if you have any suggestions please pm me.) if you’re interested in this or want to give it a try and be part of the ‘test group’ give me a shout and let me know.

Please send me a private message if you’re interested in this. I’m just getting a feel for who would want to do this.

Blick. A few things. Lestianna is a human mage. Also, Llanthor, Lestianna, and Aurora are nowhere near the party with Horus included. You may want to edit that last post.

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