Chapter 3: In-Character Adventure Thread


Realizing that naught remains for the cannibal but pain and death, Cord rises to his feet, looks up to the sky and says a brief prayer to the Storm Lord to deliver this sailor's spirit. He then bows his head for a second, then quickly reverses his trident and finishes the cannibal off.

Turning to survey his compatriots, he asks All right, then. D'any o' ye need more healin' afore we be gettin' underway agin?

Olo's healing magic helps tremendously. There's a loud 'POP' as the joint is reset properly and the bruise on Sava's face fades a little. She gives Olo a grateful smile, though he smile fades a bit when she looks back at the larger members of the little band. The elves might have meant well, but their methods were questionable. Looking back to Olo, she pushes him towards the route the cannibals had fled.

"Am fine now, need rest. Go, find orc. Hurry."


Olo raises an eyebrow to look at Sava, and her hesitance, but doesn't say anything. Instead, he shrugs his shoulders, figures she'll do whatever she's going to do, and turns with the others to move on. "Well, it doesn't sound like there are that many of them with Kark. Lets go, but be ready for the ambush..."


As it seemed they were finally ready to continue going after their friend, Lilianna gave a slight frown. Should one of them stay to guard the girl? If she'd been caught, she could be caught again... Still, they had to worry about Kark, too. It was something of a dilemma and she didn't think anyone wanted to split the party again - she certainly didn't.

Try to hide, she attempted to suggest. Maybe climb a tree or something so nothing can find you except what you want to find you. Unsure of what else to say - what else could she say? - she turned to keep moving with her companions.


Well let's pick up the pace. I have a feeling it's going to be a long day. Tyranthius will stay near the front of the group keeping his keen elven sense alert and shortbow ready with an arrow.

Dice Roll: 1D20z+7z
d20 Results: 12 (Total = 19)
Perception (19)

Fork in the trail 9:00 am, Day 5

The path continues, crossing over a broad jungle valley as it winds it's way roughly northwest across the island down towards the large embayment. Hawkler stays in the lead with Tyranthius on his heels. The path itself is hard-packed earth that is only occaisonally marked with evidence of a single recent traveller that left booted tracks in the same direction of travel.

The path turns roughly westward for a short time before a northward branch comes into view. Suspicious of ambush, the group carefully approached the fork whereupon Hawkler noticed another concealed trip line buried in the coarse sand that covered the path here. The sinister elf made quick work of this trap as well before Hawkler resumed his study of the trail.

It's unclear which fork the traveller chose, north toward the bay that can be seen a little more than half a mile distant or straight-ahead west, parallel to the water.


Hawkler looks carefully down both paths. Stopping briefly Hawkler. Checks for tracks, broken or snapped branches on either side of the paths to see which direction, they may have gone.

Dice Roll: 1d20+7z
d20 Results: 2 (Total = 9)
Tracking to discover their path. (9)

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