Chapter 3: In-Character Adventure Thread


As Tyranthius turns away from him, Cord grabs the elf by the shoulder and spins him back around, growling in deadly earnest, "Rulin'' the roost", eh? Takin' a "cheap shot", y'say? he starts, jabbing a blunt finger into the elf's chest to punctuate each quote, Fer one what's so exhausted from a bit o' walkin', I be thinkin' ye ought not be so quick ter threaten folks wit' tha' metal twig o' yers. I gots a beef wit' Olo, fer sure, on account o' it appears that there was no real need ter split us up, but that'll blow o'er, more like than not. An' rest assured, I gots no desire ter captain this motley crew. Ho'e'er, if'n ye gots a problem wit' me pushin' the two o' ye so's that we rejoin this lot the quicker, ye shoulda said summat earlier, or kept yer cakehole shut. The now, if'n it's a tussle yer lookin fer, I'm fresh as a daisy, Buttercup, so we kin see whether ye're good fer anythin' but beakin' an' insultin' folk, or we kin leave well enough alone an' chalk this up ter frayed tempers an' the end o' a long day. Yer call. he finishes as he settles into a relaxed stance able to respond to anything the sharp-tongued elf might do.


Olo watches the confrontation between the two. "Cord. Stop. You are being unreasonable." He pauses for a moment.

"Please do not threaten violence against allies." The wind raises, blowing the halfling's hair back, as the firelight dances dangerously in his eyes. A muttering can be heard in the background. "We are all friends here."

The sound of his voice, however, is genuinely interested in diffusing the situation, rather than in any way threatening.


Cord takes a step back from the obnoxious elf, and spares a glance for Olo, I be the one bein' unreasonable? he asks incredulously. This blighter ain't done nothing but needle folks fer days, and tells me that I needs be worryin' 'bout arguing wit' the end o' his blade, and ye're choosin' ter chastise me?! T'be sure, I dinnae be lookin' fer a fight the now. I'd as soon be abed. But I'll no' be takin' that sort o' crap from anyone. Not you, Olo, and fer certain not you, elf.


Calmly, the halfling replies. "I know you, Cord, and I have never known you to be unreasonable. But all I see is now; I don't know what happened on the trail." He sighs, and the winds seem to die down, as he breaks eye contact and looks to the ground. "Lets all see about getting some sleep. I don't want to pick sides, but this is... This is all unreasonable. We are facing cannibals, that have one of our friends. Please, lets all try to get along, at least until everyone is safe."

His words seem, somehow, to indicate those left on the shores, as well as those present. Its something in the inflection, perhaps, but Olo simply seems tired.


Like I said, I be fine wit' chalkin' 't'up ter th'end o' a long day, but I'll no' be standin' by when summat threatens me. So, it's still th'elf's call.


Hawkler watches the tempers flair, quietly laughing to himself.
I must admit Tyranthius, in your travels you should have learned not to pick a fight
With a dwarf. I seen it once before where an elf argued with a dwarf. Mind you that fella did it eloquently. But he got a fat lip and a broken nose out of it.

Hawkler chuckles again to himself.

Let's take a few before we try and crash to make this shelter a little more water proof. Then maybe we can try and get some shut eye.

Dice Roll: 1d20+6z
d20 Results: 12 (Total = 18)
Survival Chk: Extending Shelter. (18)


Sariel sighs softly. "You do know we are going to have to extend the shelter?"

The slender Elf squishes through the mud to Lilianna. "Get yourself into the hammock." She whispers with a wink. Then sets about repairing and extending the shelter with Hawkler. A task which she proves singularly useless at.

Dice Roll: 1d20z
d20 Results: 6
Survival (6)


Ignoring everyone and their "good intentions" Tyranthius will settle in under the driest tree and turn his back to the group.


After Tyranthius settles in, Cord snorts and spits to one side, then turns back to the rest of the group, rolls his large head around his shoulders and cracks his knuckles audibly to limber up and says, Th' lass be right. Where d'we start? Hawkler? Any sergesstions?

Dice Roll: 1d20+2z
d20 Results: 8 (Total = 10)
Survival (Aid Hawkler) (10)


Thanks, Lilianna muttered back, her expression grateful. It had been a long, wet trek and not one that she really wanted to repeat... But somehow knew would be unavoidable. The last thing shed wanted to deal with upon coming back was an argument between the two she'd been traveling with... Yet, despite her self-assigned role to trying to keep the peace, she'd been able to do little more than listen and blink blearily at the two.

She stripped down, not wanting to be in her armor a second more than needed and tucked it into her backpack. She closed it tightly and set it down on the driest patch of earth she could find before nearly collapsing into the hammock. As it was, she hoped they didn't need her. As well she knew that she wasn't being helpful, she also knew that, given her state, she likely wouldn't be capable of being helpful.

I'll just be extra helpful when I wake up, she promised herself. And do something nice for Sariel at some point.

She was asleep before her head hit the hammock.


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