Chapter 3: In-Character Adventure Thread


Hawkler paces slowly around the edge of there makeshift encampment. Moving attentively to every sound and movement within 180 degrees of his light - vision. Hawkler hears Tyranthius and Lillianna stir.

Take 10, 10+8=18
Perception while on watch!


With a great stretch Tyranthius will awaken from reverie and gather his wits. With not a care of last night's happenings he'll check all his gear to make sure there is no extensive water damage, slowly start adorn his armor and prepare for another day with this rag tag bunch. He'll look over at all who are awake with a wry smile on his face Are we going to get to kill something today?


Lilianna stirred before sitting up - as much as one could without unbalancing oneself in a hammock, anyways - and giving a bit of a stretch. She felt refreshed. Her legs were a bit sore - to be expected, considering the previous day - but she felt much better than she had last night. She went over her equipment quietly as she didn't want to wake any others who might still be sleeping. Just because she was feeling alive didn't mean that the others were. Assured that nothing had taken water damage, she pondered the use of her armor - did she want to put it on now and risk another day of exhaustion or fatigue? Or did she want to wait until they got a little closer to their quarry and risk a bit of damage?

Finally, she decided to stow it for now. After all, what use would she be if she tired again so quickly?


Hawkler watches as they stretch. Hawkler talks quietly.
We should wait till they wake up. They were fairly tired when they arrived last night. We will catch these tribals that took the half-orc. We need our wits about us first and foremost.


Olo sighs. "I think Cord worships the sun, or something, so he has a ritual to do at daybreak. And as much as I hate to wait, its probably necessary. We could perhaps walk an hour first, then stop, though?" He looks at the still-sleeping Cord.


Sariel smiles at the Halfling. "Maybe you and Hawkler could look at my feet while we wait for dawn. Then we can all break our fast while Cord prays and have the light... and the Gods... with us when we set off along the trail?"


As the dawn breaks, Cord rises and kneels facing the far-off sea and begins his daily devotions before readying his weapons and getting ready to head out for the day. Spells prepared, he gestures Hawkler and Olo to join him away from the camp, Whilst we were buildin' the pyre, I found this fruit by th' tree that ye were gazin' at, Olo. I dunno if they be edible, but I figgered I'd bring 'em along in case. Also, there were a dead monkey in that tree. Looked like it had been kilt fresh.


Cord, can I see that fruit? If that monkey up there is dead, it may be poisonous.

Hawkler looks at the fruit carefully....


The halfling oracle looks over curiously. "Under the tree I pointed out? That's the one we were being watched from, during my shift. It could be anything, I suppose, but we probably shouldn't eat it until we have no more food."

He shrugs. "I have a prayer that gets spirits to remove poison and such from food, but if the fruit is inherently dangerous, I'm not sure what it would do."


Sariel looks longingly at the fruit. "You found fruit? Cord you are a wonderful Dwarf. May I have one?"
Dice Roll: 1d20+7z
d20 Results: 15 (Total = 22)
Knowledge (Nature): Identify Fruit (22)

The Elf takes her prize and sits down on a convenient rock. Then hauling her boots off she wiggles her feet at her companions. "The fruit makes a tempting breakfast but don't forget my feet. You might want to see to them before eating."

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