Chapter 3: In-Character Adventure Thread


Hawkler further geared up by putting the manacles, and the key for the manacles in his backpack, as well as a potion of cure light wounds.
"Anything else we should take? The rope might be handy, and the grappling hook, but we also could use the rope later to use to make something to get out of here."


Cord scoops up the balance of the potions, handing a potion if cure light wounds to Olo and Tyranthius, as well as the rope and the grappling hook. I ain't meanin' ter be stuck at the bottom o' some cliff again.


Hawkler looks around. "Lets roll out. We can find more food for us on the go. The camp should have plenty until we get back. If not, Sava is a capable hunter, as are a few others."


After another long day of gathering supplies, the halfling oracle performs his now-standard benedictions, purifying the food once again to keep it all safe. "Yes, I am ready," he comments, in reply to the others' suggestion that they move out.

Day 15 - Afternoon rest time, Crow's Tooth Camp
Cord, Olo, Tyranthius and Hawkler suit up in the morning with the grim task of confronting the Thrunefang camp before the Jenivere castaways get picked off one by one. Before they leave, Sariel urges the men to each take a larger share of the camp's larder, reasoning that with her, Lilianna and Sava looking over the others, they should be able to scrounge up enough to keep everyone in fair shape, at least while the foraging in the north arm of the island continues to be relatively easy.

The four set out with ten days worth of rations each and all the gear they decided to keep. After climbing across the hillside to the interior bay, they made quick work of the trip around, pushing down to the Crow's Tooth Camp, just east of Pezzok's crab and north of the valley where they were ambushed several days earlier. They pushed through the early afternoon heat and reached the shaded driftwood shelters in time to wait for the cooling afternoon rains to come while they plan their next move.


Once everyone is out of the sun Tyranthius will start drawing a crude map in the dirt with a stick. Ok, we're here and does anyone have a indication as to the exact location of this camp. I don't want to be sneakin around and walk right into the middle of cannibal central. after scratching the map with landmarks he'll look at the group they've assembled. Do we even have a game plan? Personally, taking them out in small groups would work far better than a frontal assault. I think eliminating scouting and raiding parties would dwindle their numbers in a hurry.


Cord nods his head. Aye, sum scoutin' wud be a good idear. What about goin' up by that hut an' bypassin' the gorge that way. Or circling in behind th'ambush spot. Seems like that were a pretty well chosen spot, so's there may be another group set up there again?

Day 16 - Evening, Abandoned hut
Agreeing to Cord's plan, the group moves south along the trail, finding that none of the traps have been reset. They then climb up the escarpment to the south and cross over the semi-open plateau during the periods of occasional afternoon showers to arrive at the abandoned driftwood and tree-trunk hut that had been occupied by someone whose already deciphered journal indicated they came to the island aboard the Thrune's Fang.

After brief repairs, the hut at least keeps the wind out, if not the rains and the four men find themselves chatting around a small smoky fire when the black, overcast night is suddenly interrupted by the sounds of heavy wingbeats passes through the fine falling mist overhead. Elvensight and dwarvensight alike are thwarted by the rains as the campers reach for weapons and take cover when suddenly something is seen to fall out of the heavens - a small goat, most of its blood drained from its broken body, falls with a crash into the middle of the fire.

The wingbeats quickly fade to the south as the smell of burning hair issues from the now-charring animal.


After a few tense moments, Tyranthius will ease up on his bow string, point down at the animal carcass and chuckle amusingly. Whatever it was, it was at least kind enough to deliver us dinner. Cord or Olo, I assume one of you two can make sure that this isn't poisoned? Though the tensions are running high he'll still try to relax everyone by starting to prepare the goat properly while humming an old gypsy tune.


Cord quirks an eyebrow at the goat, and then looks at Olo,I gots no spells what'll purify food, but e'en if'n I did, I'm no' sure that I'd be wantin' ter eat that goat, regardless o' the fact it fell out o' a stormy sky! Whaddye think, Olo?

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