Full Metal Jacket

Full Metal Jacket

By the time Tali and Lelantos exit the bar it is already night time. The city of Akhara was split into various quarters built to accommodate certain activities and peoples. The travelers quarter was made up mostly of various merchants houses; not the grand ones of resident merchants but the small, if comfortable abodes used when they stayed for a while in Akhara on trade missions. Other than that there was a platitude of inns and stay houses for the less wealthy and less frequent visitors to the city. The sheer number off outsiders here reduces the likelihood of hunters being noted by anyone and the influx of travelers brings work and valuable information to the guild.

However the north wall barracks was located almost two miles of busy streets away, on the North wall of course. It would take some time to travel there, especially at night when no carriages ran. It was a rough city in places too, more than monsters lurked in shadows. In the mean time the two had plenty of time to talk with each other and get to know one another. The air was cooling rapidly as they walked, it was the end of the harvest months, soon the frosts would arrive though not all trees had shed all foliage yet, with some holding tight to cloaks of vivid red hues.

"Well, it would be interesting to see what the guards are having trouble with. Murder with unusual evidence, right? Let's hope the culprit isn't a big fan of the night!" Lelantos says to his partner jovially. He
Dice Roll: 1d20+4
d20 Results: 18 (Total = 22)
scans (spot) the area as they walk , observing the people still up at this hour.

"The victims were sprayed with metal shards... I'm having a hard time to conceive of weapon that could do that... Spraying sand is a capacity of an obscure weapon from the desert tribes, but to launch a spray of metal shards, one would need something akin to a catapult... or a very rapid crossbow." She walks calmly besides him. "If a weapon couldn't make the injuries it would take something within the domain of the hunters, their reaching out to our consultation is expected with the guard's trouble."

"Perhaps. But perhaps, the weapon is not from this world. I know there are extra-dimensional beings that aren't limited by the laws of our world. Why would their gear not follow suit?"

"Maybe, but that would still be our domain no? I'm slightly more worried about the idea that this is some sort of 'Biological' weapon, an ability that can't be disarmed or kept from reloading."

"That's a frightening thought. Even if we are more knowledgeable about these things, it will be difficult to take down something so limitless. We should take whatever precautions we can to ensure our success and safety."

"Oh? Is that what you left for?" Lelantos inquires.

"That would be getting what I'll need to test the metal that was found."

"So we need to get some samples then. I hope the Guards have secured some."


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