Full Metal Jacket

"They would be remiss not to have... and I doubt they could have found an undertaker both foolish enough to remove them, and not superstitious enough not to have a second thought."

By the time you reach your destination it is approaching midnight. By the looks of things the candlelighters have just returned and now the night guard is preparing to set off and make rounds. The barracks, being a barracks, is heavily guarded, with four guards bright and alert thanks to just being on duty stand at the doorway. You see the plumes on the helmet of one man entering the building to salutes, marking him the night attendante. If anyone would know about the recent murders he would.

"Well he looks important. Shall we ask him about this case first?"

She nods, following silently... people skills were not her specialty and she doubts intimidating the night attendante would be helpful in this situation.

Lelantos walks towards the doorway, greeting the guards on duty with the Ordainer's Writ and a request to see the night attendant. He puts on a serious but good-natured attitude during the quick discussion.

Tali keeps a blank, almost disinterested look about her, wanting not to seem important.

"You here about them murders? Whose the big one behind you??" the guards asked, not about to let anybody walk in unchallenged, even an ordainer. Especially when there was a very intimidating looking individual with them.
Behind them you could see the helmet of the attendante as they leaned over a map, looking intently at it with a cup of some hot drink next to them.

"Who, Tali? Oh she's just my partner for this investigation. Don't worry, she's harmless," Lelantos says with a short laugh to play down her strength. In a more serious tone, he continues, "Yeah, we're here for those murders. We need information, and we've been pointed in this barrack's direction. Now if you don't mind, I'd like to speak with the Attendant.

"Allright go on in, but don't bother the attendante to much, she's been working day in day out on these murders." the guard grumbled, clearly torn between relief at some external help for the problem and not liking upper bureaucratic tools like ordainers.
As you step into the warm air of the barracks it is quite clear that a few of the guards are uneasy. The attendante hears you walking in and she turns around, an attractive and young, if serious looking woman. Younger than the post normally dictates. She stares at you critically for a few moments before saying "Yes?" in a completely unamused tone.

"I am Lelantos and this is Tali. We are investigating the murders with material shards. We would like your assistance in viewing the evidence," Lelantos says in a serious tone as he presents the Writ.


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