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I'm not going to fault anyone for a love of coffee, but I can't stand the taste of it. A hazelnut roast does smell divine, though.

You haven't had my coffee. Make it right, and it tastes like it smells. Make it wrong, and it is bitter. Make it in an uncleaned pot, and it... Well, I suppose it still has caffeine.

I never use cream or sugar. A little cinnamon, perhaps, but that's it.

Make it wrong, or don't clean your pot, and yes, you need it. But otherwise, there's no point.

KingGoblin: Have you ever tried mixing a Peruvian cocoa powder with a Peruvian coffee?If you can get your hands on some of both of those and haven't done it, you must. It doesn't necessarily taste like either coffee or cocoa. It's a whole new experience. It takes like the country of Peru. Seriously. To the point that it almost even reminds me of coca tea.

It's incredible. You have to make sure to use cocoa powder and not anything with sugar or milk in it, or else it'll ruin the experience. Give it a whirl sometime :0)

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