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FYI, Xenosaga was a video game RPG series, not a TV show.
I beg to differ. Xenosaga is an anime series that they made a video game about. I just went to Netflix and put the entire series and Lexx in my que to watch when I have time.

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I beg to differ. Xenosaga is an anime series that they made a video game about. I just went to Netflix and put the entire series and Lexx in my que to watch when I have time.
Other way around there Shdw. Xenosaga was a game and well into the second episode before it came out as an anime. Played all three games and watched all 13 episodes of the anime. I must honestly say Ep. 3 Also Sprach Zarathustra was my favorite, while Ep. 2 Jesits von Gut und Bose was really awful...

Dr. Who is another recent favorite of mine. Finished watching the very first season online last week (the one starring William Hartner).

Lexx is a good story if you ignore the gore and suggestive themes, and outright hilarious if you pay attention to them.

Finally, Farscape had a good nnumber of interesting ideas, though I didn't manage to watch most of it.

Anyhow, I appologise for tonight for I will not be able to post really anything tonight. I'm being called upon as a taxi service for my sister again and I just spent all day sustaining myself on caffeine and potato chips. I presently feel so far less than human I feel like curling up in bed and balling my brains out. Good news is, if I can get some posts in within the next 48 hours, we may be able to start up some joint threads.

P.S. To the most recent applicant, I really want to find something out from your character. Expect a PM soon. If not tonight, then by Tuesday.

Thanks for the correction. Watched the first episode of Lexx tonight. Did not really think much of it. Half way through the Xenosaga. I have never been a big fan of anime since it always seems there is too much going on behind the scenes for me to get it all.

"Thodin, bug bomb. Mailfunction" I began to wonder jus how many times that was going to happen before it blew up.

I was a little annoyed by that as well, until it snapped in half and said "Bug Bomb lost its head!", that got a chuckle out of me.

Anyhow, as is apparent, updates are up, and I'll have the house ruling on the wealth system done as soon as I can. From the looks of things, everyone is either finished with or are still working on their Character Sheets. I appreciate the effort given how badly I'm stumbling through to answer questions.

More later, take care until then.

Well, I'm waiting on the wealth ruling before I load up on gear, otherwise my sheet is done.

Edit: Nevermind, just noticed what you said in my private thread. Will have my sheet finished shortly.

I have to correct myself. I have seen lots of Farscape. My friends were so into it, you'd think they lived in that universe. So I could understand them when they talked about things, they made me watch a bunch of it. I haven't watched it in ... years. I did really enjoy it when I had been watching, though, and will have fun playing around in that sort of world, at the very least.

Hello, all.

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What do you think of the four primary influences in this game?

(if you missed it, they were Dr. Who, Farscape, Xenosaga, and Lexx)
Doctor Who is, by far, one of my favorite shows. I haven't seen much of the early seasons, but I own and covet the newer serials. I've been described as looking a bit like the 10th Doctor, as played by Tennant, and told I behave a lot like him.

Farscape was another favorite of mine, though it's been a while. I keep meaning to buy the DVDs, but never quite remember.

Lexx was one show I generally missed out on. For one reason or another, I just never caught it. I've meant to get a hold of at least the first season. From what I've been described, though, it'd be up my alley.

Xenosaga I'm not familiar with in any capacity beyond the name. I've never owned a PlayStation.

Well I certainly hope this story meets expectations eventually. For now, I'm getting rather angry at Google Images for not finding what I'm looking for. To be expected I'm sure, but anyhow...

If anyone has questions I've failed to answer, please feel free to ask here again. I'm generally pretty good at catching details, but because most times I use my smartphone to catch up on updates around here and have little time to respond, many questions (I'm expecting) go unanswered. And again, I appreciate your patience as I've finally begun making an effort to organize things around here.


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