Really isn't a problem. I've also noticed a good number of folks having a problem with posting.

I figure it is probably because of a game that was recently released, but you guys can be honest with me.

If there is anything you are waiting on for posting, please tell me. I'm presently waiting on whomever to enter the next room or begin engaging the Rapatos that have now started opening fire on the group.

Speaking of which, could those of you in the joint thread roll initiative please?

As for Crownguard, I'm terribly sorry. Trying my hardest to pull myself into the real world has proven difficult and throughout the effort, I simply forgot to come up with a way to keep things synchronized. Post coming soon.

It's ok man, I know real life happens. To a certain degree whenever I meet with the group can be a plot device if that's required. Warrain is exploring the facility and looking for answers/trinkets/High Magic and consequently has no idea about what's to befall. Technically given what the robot showed him, he might accidentally assume the Rapatos are the "good guys" in this case if he meets them first .

EDIT: If you're willing, it might be interesting to unlock my private thread for the group to see later. It seems a bit unfair I can see what they are doing but they know nothing in turn. I understand you might wait until I link up with them, but it OOC might make Warrain's future roleplay a bit easier to understand.

Well, for my part, I'll claim 'head-space'. When you mentioned the raptos on the second floor beginning to attack, I thought you meant there were raptos in the next room.

Sorry about my lack of posting, I was just unsure how to proceed with so many people having posting trouble, I'll just keep posting and try to keep things moving I guess.

Jason totally reminds me of Captain Kilgore right now.

Jason is just a calm and happy guy, what can I say?

Also he remembers that Rebecca told him this (along with the rest of the crew): "As a matter of fact? Yes, the oxygen content down there is about 150% of that on the surface. In order to safely teleport a debarkment threshold into the facility, I had to use a low yield and out of phase carrier wave to get a way into the facility. It's much the same for the connection signal itself so you'll all need to enter single file in order to avoid damage to yourselves and the threshold. Further, avoid discharging weapons if you can, any one of them could explode in your hand. Also, be extra mindful of hyperventilation. Exhertion of any sort could disorient you faster than a severe blow to the head, so you'll want to give yourself about a day to adjust,"

A day? good thing I can't breathe and have no guns, trololol

Edit: aww the picture didn't work in the mouse over but it was a picture of Captain Kilgore from Apocalypse Now being a hulk as everyone around him dives for cover.

Hmmm, come to think of it I think Jason gave his guns away, oops. Guess I'll have to make due.

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