You mean there's moods other than gaming?

Oh, yes. I remember now. Bring dice and chips. And caffeine. Soda. Cola.

It is by will alone I set my dice in motion. It is by the juice of cola that thoughts acquire speed, the lips acquire trembles, the trembles become a warning. It is by will alone I set my dice in motion.

Ok sorry, but aside from starting at 4th lvl, what other character creation rules are there? I looked but cant find it. Or I am blind. lol

Lv 4, and a 36 point buy. All other basic rules regarding character creation apply for now.

Also, use the core rules without campaign modules only. If you can justify something not covered by that, run it by me.

Added Character sheet to my application.

Anywhere specific you would like the wealth rolls to be made (the 2d4 and the profession checks at each level)?

Is there any type, size, weight, or specific equipment that we shouldn't even bother purchasing because we are guaranteed to loose it when we make the transition from mundane life to space faring adventurers?

Ex. I'm not going to try to buy a house because I'm 99.999999% certain that the house will be left behind.

How about cars, motorcycles, planes?

Specific types of weapons??? Armor???

I'm asking now, because I'd rather not be upset because I wasted my wealth on something the GM can't allow in the game for whatever reason.

I don't mean to be a problem, but I've had GMs let me buy things that they 'knew' they were going to take away from my character when the game started.

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