What was that??

Request more info from the GM here ...

Question (bound to come up by one of you astute players): Hey Noobie, I like all the effort you've gone to in order to make ourselves and the bad guys tokens on the ditzie maps look so great ... but why have you got those really crappy black and white ones on there ???

Answer: Well, I'm the perftec DM and I can do whatever I like ... so there :P But seriously, as I first played this series of modules in the very early 80's, the original Monster Manual had all the creatures in black and white. Soooo ... as well as looking for awesome art to show / have you reference to make your game more enjoyable, I'm also including the orginal art from OD&D as an homage for when I played it

So everything looks pretty much the same as the map, but the question is can we go mission Santa Claws and do a surprise attack down the chimney? Speaking of fireplaces, are these really thatch huts? no reason, just architecturally curious.

They're thatched rooves ... Gidds would be the only one able to fit down the chimneys, and he would most likely roast before he got to the bottom ... probably to find himself in a big stewing pot ...

mission piss in the pot next...

Just a note about the new group formation, anyone else find it amusing that we're still a elemental party? if anything its morso with two more characters(for a total of 4 and oddly not Union) speaking primordial.

Yep, and except for one crappy human, you are a completely non-humanocentric group ...

Damn Humans ... LOL

And it's not completely strange that the crytal one doesn't speak primordial as he was created and not formed from the primordial goo ...

not so much that but that he speaks a bunch of languages and didn't bother with the one his main companion knows.

Also, speaking of Union I thought he was formed by psi-consciousness. Maybe(definitely) this is just some massive assumption process, but I pictured effectively something like a collection of psicrystal that decided to form one entity. Continuing on the assumption train I get the idea like a psionic enclave was wiped out and all their psicrystals that held fragments of their consciousness bound together to form a union. In this sense there would always be a part of his consciousness that interested in what's going on and it would lend to a certain amount of confusion that his collective would want clarified.

Note: I'm fairly certain none of the above has anything to do with anything that's actually written, but s'fun to think about.

That would have been an awesome way for him to have been "formed", with the conciousnesses (is that even a word) seeking each other out ... absolutely brilliant

... unfortunately he was born in a cauldron in Thay by evil necromancers ...

Though I will allow Union to change his background to that as it better fits how his character is turning out

When he's back from being Ill that is ... doh

I'm not sure if its what Ty had in mind, but it came to mind when he'd split apart and reform. I didn't notice that he had a background for his creation in Thay, now that you mentioned it I found a link that led me there. The creation is vague enough for it work though. Just put a psionic enclave in Thay and have it destroyed. Pretty much a balanced equation. Though I do want to be clear, this is mostly just personal musings and feel free to take it or toss it. Like I said, Union's a fun concept to think about.

<drags self out of bed, stumbles to laptop>
Idea. Good. Edit. Later.

That said, I have Union speaking the languages of creatures he's been throughout his travels. He hasn't been with Jinn long enough that Common hasn't been good enough (although I can see him picking it up in the next few levels.) Also, with telepathy being a universal communicator as it were, he learns language because he wants, not out of necessity.

<drags self back to bed>

True enough with a genasi in the group there may actually be a reason to speak primordial, otherwise there's no real reason for any of us to suspect anyone else knows it. Which could be interesting....

PS couldn't you just bring the laptop to bed?


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