What was that??

Thanks Rum ... I think only three of a possible six ... oops ...

It's here if youre really NOT interested ...

Not after a huge posting rate, level 1, pretty much open to anything

I have two characters simmering in my mind that I'd like to use in the near future. Each character requires an unusual combination of mechanics in order to match the concept, though, so I'm looking for games that start above level 4 right now. If it's paragon/epic, I'll submit one character; if it's heroic, I'll use the other.

I apologize if our omniscient DM has already considered and discarded the following alternative; but perhaps we should track damage on the Google spreadsheet as a formula rather than as a total.

For instance, suppose that a monster has taken damage three times (for 16, 28, and 21 HP) and healed once (for 22 HP). Instead of entering just "-43" in the box, you could enter "=-16-28+22-21" in the box. It would still display "-43," but selecting the cell would show the formula. That way we could track more easily if something had been added wrongly or *ahem* omitted entirely. >.>

would this type of thing help? please to not edit this is a running game

Another option would be just to keep track of damage done amount with damage done. For example in the last column write
round/initiative(amount) like: 3/24(38)

wait wait... I just got what PB was saying... that may be much easier.... durr... I need to lay off the rum for a minute or two.

I think you sent me that link another time Rum.

I'm happy to use that if others would, but it looks extremely busy and still only has one place for Damage, so if you had a "Boss" who was being attacked, it would still be a single number such as -46 in the damage row if they were hit more times in a round then once ...

I would perhaps suggest that we leave the damage at whatever minus value it is at, and in the end column, as well as the last round something took damage (or healing), you could put the damage give beside it ...

Something like: 2/24 28D, 2/16 14H D or H -- meaning Damaged or Healed.

I like PB's idea of adding to the formula, but know that some idiot (read DM at 0030 in the morning) will most likely stuff that up and add / subtract directly to the number, hence wiping out every one else's good work

I am as you all know, open to suggestions and will go with whatever is the general consensus

Yeah, I tried typing them as formulae, and then they disappeared I'm a fan of the formulae idea though.

how about could use both. Last column 2/24 28D + using the formula, if we keep the totals in the last column it would be easy to recover the formula in case of error... other option, make a screen print of combat adjudicator at the end of every round so we can back track easily.

OK, we can try the formulaic solution -- is everyone OK with that ??

Or if you need a bit of 'splaining on how to use it, also give a yell

If anything goes wrong you can run through the revision history and just revert it to the last known correct point, which saves the need for screenshots.


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