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If anything goes wrong you can run through the revision history and just revert it to the last known correct point, which saves the need for screenshots.
That's one of the nicest things about using Google Docs for the tracker: the ability to revert. Even if some doofus overwrites the cell, it can be corrected without too much headache.

Who you calling a doofus ... oh, me ... well, yep, OK ... ahhh ...

Hooley dooley CG, you're applying for two other games I'm also applying for

I modified See'a Whitemane for Top of the Mountain. I let the DM know she was designed for another game, but would fit in any other game.

I liked his "recruiting" process -- See'la killed the Wizard and had the child die, more souls for The Raven Queen -- great fun writing her up as a High Priestess in the future (not staring level) -- as cold hearted as she was beautiful and marrying a King ...

Did you post an application, or just PM him ?? Going to see if I can find it ...

I posted a tiefling application that I wound up changing because the game I was in with ComicsFan before unfortunately died. So I brought my human rogue from his first game, Gene, over to his next one. At least this time he should be able to find his friend alive. In the previous game, we had... ah... a "fun" experience.

See, Gene is looking for his friend, Sasha, who he believes to be alive. But in the previous game, we were asked to deliver a box without opening it to see what was inside. Cue three week trip to do this. We arrive at the recipient, she opens it saying she only needs a head to speak with the dead... and it was Sasha's. I have never had a character break down so quickly. XD It was easily the most interesting opening I've ever been in.

Nearly 0100 ... off to bed, night all,


Nice one CG ... that was a nice shifty the DM pulled on you there

Oh, just so you all know ... a bite from Varrg could have ended you up in all sorts of trouble -- a specific version of Lycanthropy -- which admittedly I was hoping someone would have caught (not looking at a certain halfling monk at all)

Sometimes lycanthropy can be fun, but I don't think I would have wanted "all sorts of trouble." Liame has enough of that already.

Is it too late to roll checks for insight/knowledge into what happened to Union (as suggested by your IC post at the time)? If not, can I roll them here?

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