Where did that come from??

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Where did that come from??

General Chit-chat

NOT Combat, Strategy & Tactics, Questions to the GM or queries about MW or 4e ...

I'll amend peeps' narratives till you get the idea

Normal Speech "Is like this".

Shouted Speech "Is like this"

Thought to yourself Is like this ... I think

Telepathic speech ~~Is like this ... with woo-wooo marks about it~~


Right, I'm off to bed ... I'll send slakr an email (I bought stuff for him if anyone would like to look and suggest any changes, go ahead ) and let him know the game is now up and running

Night all,


Well, I'll bite and move the first of our chatter over to here

On the other hand, it's just a heads-up I'll be without any internet access for two weeks between the 25th May and the 8th June, as I'll be on holiday in Namibia. So not the greatest of news.

Jinn'll get a post up tomorrow, as I really have to go to bed now, since I'm driving home tomorrow afternoon and it wouldn't do to fall asleep at the wheel.

EDIT:// Regarding Krivith's (current) items, he can't have both the Flamedrinker Shield and the Bloodthirst Bracers as they both occupy his Arms Slot enchant (all shields take up arms slot). I'd probably stick with the Flamedrinker over the Bracers, just in case Jinn accidentally hits him at any point...

I prefer Counterstrike Guards to Bloodthirst Bracers and Acrobat Boots to Surefoot Bracers.
Giantslayer Weapon is campaign appropriate but I'll mention Bradaman's Weapon as an alternative. (Also means you can get something else instead of the enchanted Holy Symbol if you want.)
I'm also biased in that I can't find the Giantslayer enchantment.
I quite like the Symbol of Hope as an alternative.

I'm off to bed too, I'll amend those tomorrow morning ... and PM slakr

Night all

Two posts in and I'm already quite smitten with my character. Not trying to sound arrogant or self-important but in the past few years, it's the character concept I'm most pleased with. This is going to be a blast.

Harmonica Music, Is it like this(Classical):

or this(Blues):

PS way to have me listening to obscene amounts of harmonica music

I'm glad you're happy with your concepts guys

... I forgot to say, I really enjoyed your background Rum, it was very enjoyable


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