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....I don't think anyone that knows Union wants it to explain "this world" to Fina. I don't think anyone has that much time to kill

Congrats on the imminent addition to your family Rum

Congratulations Rum

Also, I like Krivith's picture. His character sheet ain't quite right though (or rather, technically it is, but probably wasn't intended that way). Implement expertise (Hammer) doesn't apply the expertise to his weapon attacks with it - for that he'll need either Versatile Expertise (Hammer) or Devout Protector Expertise. Presuming one of those was the intended his to hit with all his weapon attacks should be +6 (Half-level) +5 (Ability) +2(Proficiency) +3 (Enhancement) +2 (Feat) = +18 rather than the +16 they currently are. The implement ones should be +16 as they are just short the proficiency

I'll sort those out PC :0

I'd imagine Union has a lot to say ... on EVERYTHING

It's an awesome group you peeps have assembled ... you will be screwed if you need to do a local knowledge roll:

... Union with his insatiable lust for knowledge, who can spend an entire day watching how ants struggle to return things 10 times their size to the nest

... a Princess from another world who has only had a couple a couple of years out of a tower with all her knowledge from books, now in a different world so most of it isn't relevant (and trying to find her friend Jen, who may or may not be in this world)

... an Elemental Dietie's wife who changes form each day, and who consideres Union to be the closest thing to a friend she has ever had

... a Paladin Hero who needed to escape his own lands as they are now safe and he didn't like the "worship" he was receiving and has recently arrived on this continent and doesn't understand how things work here

... an Elven Seeker of Illefarn who has recently arrived on this continent as well, pursuing the possible looters across seas to arrive here, and

... a halfling monk, betrayed by those who taught him, who has left his family, never to see them again until he can resolve why they did what they did

I wish you peeps had given me some hooks to use after this Giants thing is over ... LOL

@ slakr I moved your history to the Characters thread. On there, you need to create a Wish List and a electronic messages / electronic blackboard / etc ... see what the others have done for an idea.

Oh, then a background, I'll copy it into there after

So a quick OOC addendum to Jinn's post, mostly for Union's benefit if it comes up or Union gets bored whilst Jinn sleeps or whatever. Jin accutally changes all the time whilst she sleeps, fluidly flowing from one of her forms to the next without ever really settling on one for that long a time. It only starts a while after she starts sleeping, and she then 'stabilizes' (for want of a better word) a short while before she wakes up. Union will have seen her undergoing these changes, and may or may not have asked/told her about them (he probably would have? asked her why she changes when she sleeps, but Jinn wouldn't have inquired about it on her own, and her stock reply would have been she doesn't know). What Jinn does know, and wouldn't have mentioned, is that when she sleeps she dreams of the roiling Elemental Chaos, with its towering infernos marching across acid-blasted plains and all that jazz.

Her form is in fact shifting in time with the major themes of the dreams, which are actually dreams/visions of a real place and real happenings in tat place in the EC. Of course, no-one knows that last bit, so the only notable thing is that it isn't just a snap change sometime throughout the night, and its during these fluid movements that arcane energy sometimes dribbles out and over (typed according to the form of course).

Talzith notably is from the same Continent. She's just travelled from the East, (i.e. Neverwinter.) No travelling over seas any more alas.


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