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My bad Tax ... indeed

Standard disclaimer: Gidd's thoughts are not player thoughts

Gidd doesn't like elves much. Though his only experience is really with eladrin, he lumps them all in the same category.

PS: it appears I will have time to post after all. Induction is a much less busy and more drawn out process than I suspected.

LOL ... yes it is Rum And then there is all the waiting around for the labour

Oh ... as compared to in RL, you do like elves

I'm leaving very shortly for RL games night (Eclipse Phase in Nick's game ... he's a very good GM : ))

I'll be back in about 4 hours and will respond to any questions / queries / quandaries or other things starting with Q (or other less fun letters).

If there is a lull at the games club, I'll check and answer when I can

Originally Posted by PureChance View Post
So a quick OOC addendum to Jinn's post, mostly for Union's benefit if it comes up or Union gets bored whilst Jinn sleeps or whatever. Jin accutally changes all the time whilst she sleeps...during these fluid movements that arcane energy sometimes dribbles out and over (typed according to the form of course).
FASCINATING! In the beginning, I can see Union encouraging Jinn to sleep in simply so he could observe this more. With his high intelligence and his many, many minds, I assume he would have close to an eidetic memory and he would be mentally cataloguing the order of her changes each night to try and discover a pattern. The amusing thing is that someone observing that much and asking her about her dreams could probably make the connection...but Union, never experiencing dreams, would rarely, if ever, think to ask about them.

And yes, it can safely be assumed he has asked Jinn about these things. At length.

okay I was completely wrong, got a phone call not long after my post, within 2hrs, presto Baby! Now I'm back home with my other 2 kiddos.

And yes in RL I love elves! I work with elves and some of my best friends are elves.

Congo Rats Rum ...

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