Where did that come from??

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A racist, stereotyping hafling ... not how you'd picture them as a race ...

I dig it! So often, all PCs are "politically correct" and nice and polite, with no prejudices or unpopular opinions. I like that Gidd breaks that mold!

Its a Girl! Baby Athena.

As for the fantastical racism, he's the stereotyping racist, not the hate racist. He just has a simple view of things that's hard to break. Lets say orcs for example. Sure they're monsters, but they can have a stomping dance feast like no others!

So, more prejudiced than racist per se. I see prejudiced as judging people based on stereotypes but not necessarily hating them whereas I see racists hating a race regardless of other factors.

Beautiful name! Congrats again! You just need a DM now and you're family will have a full party. Athena is a strong name, she should be your party Defender

True enough Ty

Yah, you may need to give her a few days to get her "Defender" legs before equipping her in plate mail and shield

That is a great name. Did you're wife / significant other / other relationship / <insert as required here> agree with that name or was she just happy it was over and would have let you call her anything you like ??

I know my son was going to be Han Solo, but my other half complained, so he is: Harrison (guess where that came from ) Gus Danger (Yup, he can say later in life: "Danger is my middle name").

Right, I'm off to bed. You may notice in the Narrative, you can see the actions of Harold the Innkeeper of the Unicorn, but you did not hear the conversation. I will do this to keep those not near enough or in the conversation out of it ...

In this case, it will be up to Tal to tell the others what she found out, if anything from Harold.

You may also see this between NPC's, and unless you tell me you are "eavesdropping" or moving to a closer table, you may see actions or interactions between them, but you may not hear them (well, until they get agressive and start yelling at each other possibly)

So, I'm playing a character that watches a female party member sleep all night and it's not even remotely creepy. How often does that happen?

... like never Ty ... but then how many other people are comfortable watching someone change shape during the night and put out fires they may inadvertantly start and find it fascinating

@ Ty, all the rooms have at least a single window ...

Krivith's room has two windows ... it's the equivalent to the "honeymoon" suite if there were such a thing in these parts

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