Chapter 1 - Return to the Wold - IC

Riven Cambryn
Human Paladin of Bahamut

Current HP: 33/33 (12)

Riven nods satisfied as the last of the villains are laid low. "These supplies won't be making it to the Iron Circle filth anytime soon, ha!" the paladin says with a smirk. He takes a quick moment to wipe the blood off his blade before sheathing it at his side again.

He walks up to the elderly woman and says, "Enchantress, well met. I am Rivenalis Cambryn of Albridge, one of the few last bastions of freedom against the tyranny of the Iron Circle. We thank you for your aid. Pray tell, why did those villanous fiends have you bound and in the cart? Do you know more of about where these supplies were headed? Wik, do you want to check out the wagon. I suggest the rest of us police these bodies for clues and valuables."

The tall, blonde paladin will chat with the woman for a bit and then get to work piling up the bodies on the side of the road (so it doesn't obstruct traffic) to get ready to burn their corpses. He insists on burning on them (burying would take too long), although refuses to give them last rites.


Gretta looks at the armored man. "Gretta is my name. They had me tied up because they don't have enough wits between them to decide which end of a horse to feed and manners no better than what'll come out of either end. The one with red hair over there, was giving trouble to a young lady of my acquaintance. She came to me for help and when I made it clear to him that his fancy armor didn't give him no right he bore a grudge. Wasn't but a few hours 'fore they all showed up in force." She shrugs, quickly recovering the poise that had been shattered by being bound in a burning wagon. "The rest of the story, I suppose, is obvious. How do you account for yourself? Is this a brigand vs bandit thing?"

Dougan wasn't the most well-versed in the customs of his deadbeat father's people. But if there was one thing he'd learned growing up with orcs, it was respecting the shamaness. Some orcish "wise women" could still split a man in two with a battleax, or turn them into pigs. He bowed deeply to Gretta, the formality out of place on the large, scarred, still slightly tipsy half-orc.

"Name's Dougan Throckmarr, ma'am. We ain't no brigands, neither. Just folks from th'Wold, who don't like bullies. We figured nobody stands up to a bully cause they're afraid to hit him. So somebody's gotta hit first and get away with it."


Gretta nods to Riven and Dougan in turn. "Rivenalis. Dougan. I am glad that you decided to stand up to them. I wish that I could say that I had them right where I wanted them. Indeed." She produces the locked box "I don't know where they were headed. I did, however, have time to examine the stores. This caught my eye as potentially of interest. If one of you can open it I rekon it might harbor a clue."

Halfling Rogue

Wik's head pops up from where she was going through the pockets of the dead thug. "'No one puts a lock on a cow plop', that's what I always say! If they thought it was worth protecting, it's got to be something good for us. Let me take a look."

The young thief grabs the box out of Gretta's hands, sits down in the grass and starts flipping it over, examining the hinges and seams, looking for an easy access. She pulls out a leather-wrapped bundle of tools and begins carefully prodding the lock.

Thievery check to open the box:
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 9 (Total = 24)
(including +2 from Thieves' Tools and +1 from Necklace of Keys)

Munir Foehammer

Covering the most ghastly wound with his armored hand, the dwarf approaches the group, slowly, his mighty hammer strapped to his back again. "I am Munir Foehammer. Like me companions I come from the 'Wold - Thor's Hold actually. Glad to make your acquaintance, Greta. This was closer than I had anticipated. Darn metal monstrosity." He looks at the box with excitement. "Ah, what do we have here?"

The box springs open at Wik's deft touch. Inside the sixteen by twelve by eight inch box are a pile of gold coins, a small stoppered glass bottle containing a yellow liquid and a pair of plain brass bracers.

Aliss Weaver
The Flamescarred

Aliss finally screws up her courage and makes her way up to Greta. "I... uh... sorry for setting the wagon on fire," she says, the words tumbling out. "We didn't know there was anyone else in there. I'm Aliss, by the way," she adds, upset that her magic once again caused injury to an unintended target.


The young woman in charred clothes turns and regards Aliss. All humor seems to flee and her frame takes on a coiled tension. She scowls and time seems to pause. Gretta grips her staff and thunder is heard and the day grows suddenly dark and cold. She raises her arms and grows 10 feet tall, a sudden wind whipping her tattered clothes. Giant Gretta holds her staff over her head and waves of palpable dread wash over everyone nearby, even the stalwart Dwarf and Bahamut's champion. The towering figure that was Gretta a moment before booms "You set ME on FIRE on ACCIDENT and you are SORRY?!" there is a pregnant pause as her eyes bore mercilessly into the sorceress. Then her expression softens and she lowers her arms. The sun shines as she breaks out into a warm smile. "I accept your apology."

She extends her hand in greeting and repeats her name "Gretta, Thanks for saving me from the fire and from these pigs, Aliss." Once she has the girls hand she hangs on and adds "Please do be more careful with the fire though -- it was rather painful after all."

Riven Cambryn
Human Paladin of Bahamut

Current HP: 33/33 (12)

As the rogue does a once-over on the corpses, Riven piles the corpses off to the side of the road and sets them ablaze in an impromptu funeral pyre. The dutiful paladin also will push the wagon off to the side to make sure traffic isn't obstructed. If the horse isn't too skittish to be collected again, they try to bring it along to help ease their journey.

The paladin then says, "Someone with a better command of our language write something on a note to give a message to the Iron Circle that their days of menacing the Harkenwold are at an end! Then I think it's time we visit Munir's kin in Tor's Hold and see if we can convince them to join the fight once we have taken care of their frog problem. We ready?"

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