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That's what the backseat is for, Sneaky! Just remember to puke out the side, as you have to clean up any messes you make back there.

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With DRK's permission, I think it would be better if we jointly "acquired" the jeep in a less-than-legal matter (could be through a poker game where Tonka is losing and gives his last 100 c-bills to Elvis, who then wins the pot, which is basically another player's jeep, so Tonka and Elvis share ownership), and we "pay" 3000 out of our starting funds to account for the acquisition.
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We can ... start in media res with a road trip
I like this combination of your ideas. And we (or at least I) could also end up having made an enemy of whoever used to own the jeep. They could claim Elvis cheated...and he may very well have. I'm not really feeling roleplaying out the acquisition this weekend, and would rather jump right into meeting the rest of the gang somehow...unless we're winning the jeep from one of them, but that might get complicated.

I haven't read the IC thread yet to know if there's a better way to work us in to the story, but if I've learned anything from bad comedy movies its that road trips can end up darn near anywhere.

Go ahead and record the stats for whatever jeep you picked out on your character sheet when you get it posted.

On Threads and Gameplay

This is a trick I've used in other games, quite successfully, that allows RPing out stuff by a couple of characters when everyone else wants to move along. This jeep is a perfect example. The current thread is going to remain open after the "main story" thread is started. It will function as an out-of-time place for events to happen, but have limited or no impact on gameplay. The best example is equipment acquisition. I call the threads "Continuity Threads". They help maintain continuity between games, are canon to the game, but don't have a purpose beyond allowing us to do these minor details outside of the game-game. (If you scan some of the other games I GM/play, you might see several versions of these threads.)

You can go ahead and start telling the story of getting the jeep in the current IC thread. Pay the money now. When the real story starts, since you've already spent the money, you have the jeep in the main story. But in the continuity thread, you don't, and you get to finish RPing it out. Getting new cybernetics and have to undergo surgery? Continuity thread. Your character can be in the hospital for 10 months, but the game goes on. Does it always "make sense"? (Joe is 10 months older than Nate, now!) Naw. But this is a game, not a book, so I don't care.

Short version- go ahead and start the story of the jeep in the current IC thread.

Well if I don't have to worry about doing everything in strict order, then I have no problems working on the story of "How The Jeep Was Won."

And we don't have to worry if the intro takes three months ;p I like it.

Ha, I say we start with the jeep, the two of us driving to the General's, with a good story to tell. I'll record -3k on my character sheet and work on getting the rest posted this weekend.

I think I've got everything done with my character, including posting him in the character forum with the proper sheet. You, sir, are a sadist...though it probably would have been easier if I did it with a WYSISYG editor rather than Notepad...

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