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You don't see Selma Hayek or a snake.

Can we spend luck points to improve a save roll? That seems like it would be a big candidate for spending luck on.

If I don't call for the roll, it's not binding (outside of any sort of player-agreement, which isn't binding, but you may get made fun of by others).

Which means you can do whatever you want with it. Spend luck. Ignore it. I'm easy.

So, my character is physically incapable of removing certain parts of his armor. Is the bouncer going to cause trouble?

He did do a token 'remove armor and weapons' thing...the gloves are about the only piece of his armor he's willing to part with

Well, cyberware armor is unremovable, and unlikely to cause a fuss here. It might, however, cause you to have to sit in the car if you were meeting with a major CEO or politician, who might not be as trusting of armored characters walking around (if you have cyberware armor, you might have a cyberware weapon).

Normal armor- well, consider the standards the exact same as they are today in most of the 1st countries/states of the world, except Texas. Well, maybe a little Texas. You just don't walk into McDonalds wearing a flak vest. It's not socially acceptable on any level, and in all likelihood the security forces may get called, be it a rent-a-cop or the police. You just don't do it. Armor that can be reasonably hidden, well, you can probably get away with hiding it as long as they don't pat you down, which is unlikely to happen if as long as you're not rolling around with an assault rifle strapped to your back (see the bit about security forces).

If this had been an Old West type of city, I'd have been more flexible on the walking armory/pawnshipgunshow thing, but this is Detroit, so that means the lawful parts of the city are damned lawful. The unlawful parts of the city are damned unlawful.

For this specific situation, it's a freeform thread, so as long as you're not mass-murdering the room, I don't care.

When you go to meet the General, walking in looking like the Terminator would not be cool. Well, it would be, just not for the General.

Ah, OK. I was thinking Thor would be more familiar with the 'very unlawful' areas; hence why he didn't just take the keys to his bike, he also disabled the engine. I got the impression that a drive-by shooting in the area wouldn't be terribly uncommon, and I was thinking that Thor's 'biker leathers' would be geared towards areas where the gangs had assault rifles and submachine guns.

Well, I was under the assumption you were all at the same bar, and therefore I placed it in a more middle-class sort of area.

If you want to head to a crack-town bar, feel free. Mass murdering still isn't cool (says the guy who just assaulted a castle and killed a bunch of bandits in another game) but otherwise, go nuts.

The bar isn't quite warm, but it's dry which is better than nothing. It's also cheap, which isn't quite as good as free which is what she needs right but near enough that she can't complain. Wasn't exactly clean either, a rough and tumble sort of place where the drinking started early and didn't stop till long past late - made her glad for the needler holdout tucked in her boot and wanting for the TK auto now locked in the Cere's boot. The bouncer had been nice enough but she didn't want to press her already rotten luck . . .
Was going off of that. Took it for the sort of place where the 50% poverty rate would go to drown their sorrows. Considering it's probably by the General's abanded tower, it probably -is- in crack town. Along with the rest of the party

Abandoned billion dollar buildings are not left unguarded by police. Crime moving in lowers property value, and reduces the chance of the building being rented out again and spurring an economic recovery. Plus, the Kurita consulate is in the General's building, also not a place where there is a shortage of law enforcement. Guarding diplomatic missions is generally a big deal to the city hosting the enclave. So, the General's place at least, is not in a crack-town type of area.

If the bar is going to be, fine, just make sure the rest of the group is in agreement that's crack-town and not just the crappy version of the Dew Drop Inn where the roughnecks go to punch each other in the nose, but not shoot each other.

If we've established that there's a bouncer checking the obvious hardware at the door I think we're automatically outside of the crack-addled mean streets. It's not a nice place - it seems like pretty much a bar for drunks and drinking, and all the violence and threat that can imply, but it's barstools and broomsticks - maybe a sidearm, maybe not, and maybe they just don't look to hard under your coat but if you're the one pulling I figure they make you pay for it, one way or another.

That said, it's just what I saw and wrote to - basically so long as the place is mechjock friendly and has that 'this place is for drinking' vibe most of what I wrote works.

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