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I posted the basics in the ad. Do you want a character sheet posted there as well? Or here?
Don't post the sheet until you've been accepted. The sheet is an admitted pain in the ass. No need to give yourself an ulcer til you get an invite.

Once a player is invited, please create a new thread in the CHARACTERS folder with your chars name, and the sheet, in the first post.

Random gear question - would the Portable Computer gear item include something smaller but less flexible like a battle-PDA? Something small and palm sized (or gauntlet/codex sized) and reasonably rugged that could store op directions, maps and other kinds of generic scut info but short of a full fledged computer?

Sure, can re-skin it as something that sized. It's meant to be a generic item that simply means "you can't hack into NORAD with this."

Knowing me, I probably forgot to put it on there.

Yeah, looks like I missed that. Put it where Humanity was, and moved Humanity down a row.

. . . Or maybe replace one of the two COOL entries on the table?

Huh, luck is cool, right?

That won't be the last time something like that happens :P


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