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Ah-ha, that works! didn't have the cost of the Flashbang listed . . . I'll make the corrections to her sheet later today, spend the difference and then Kat's officially done I think.

May I put bayonet mounts or a weapon mount on a motorcycle?

You want a bayonet mount on a motorcycle? Planning on jousting? There might be an audience for that. 10 cbill

Simple weapon mount on a vehicle, sure, 20 c bills (today, may be more or less later).

I figure, my bike can do the jousting while I put bullets into the other mount's rider. Or I just ram them.

OK, after Easter and some serious car trouble, I think I can finally finish off my app sometime tonight. You want it in the application thread or just on this forum?

Just here. Hope your car is better.

Had some serious car trouble myself a couple months ago

Sorry to ask so many questions, but what does Recoil do?

I think my character is mechanically finished, just need to fill out some fluff details. Please check him over and see what I did wrong.

Speaking of fluff, would anyone be interested in a joint background? You probably wouldn't have been in the same squad as Thor (since his squadmates have a nasty habit of dying) but you might have been on the same planet, or something.

I have no idea what would be an appropriate planet for Thor to have come from, my last knowledge of fluff is probably about a century out of date. Assuming he joined the Eridani Light Horse, where could he have joined from?

Recoil- Imported from AToW, but I never got it added to the combat rules. I need to make a new list of things to do. For now, it does nothing. In the future, it'll make it harder to fire shots without taking time after firing to aim in the general area of the target.

Light Horse joined the Republic of the Sphere. Given their loyalty to the ideals of the Star League, it'd be safe to say that they are part of the Fortress Republic and somewhere within a short distance of Terra. Epsilon Eridani seems like a fine place.

Quick question- for armor, do we need to buy one piece for each limb, or does one piece of "leg armor" cover both legs?

Oh, my car is fine now. The trouble was how shockingly difficult it was to get such a stupidly simple problem fixed... I am ranting again, quiaff?

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