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You need a piece for each leg, each arm, each head (should you have two heads that need protecting).

Got it. My character sheet (Calvin) is more or less done, minus a suitable picture. Hope I got everything right.

I changed his plot device a bit. Now he is seeking out the General to deliver a data disk from a group of smugglers, as part of the deal to get Calvin and his gear to Solaris.

Is the General our stable guy?

@Diremage - I'd be up for your shared history idea except I can't think of how Kat and Thor could have crossed paths; Kat never scored any legitimate merc work for want of a mech and I don't see him stooping to being an agromech jockey. Short of them punching the daylights out of each other in a baroom brawl at some spaceport lounge or slowly stewing in the contempt for fellow passengers that only a steerage class dropship ride can engender I don't see them meeting until after they both reached Solaris.

@dkrough - What are you thinking for recoil? Recoil modifier for each subsequent round of burst-fire? CP2020 does allow multiple actions at a penalty so maybe apply it to that? 1st burst at normal to hit, 2nd burst in a round at (-2 - Recoil). 3rd burst in a round at (-4 - [Recoilx2]) and so on . . . recoil count resets after either a full round or one action of not firing?

On General- nope, not the stable guy. He knows a stable guy though, met him on *insert planet name here* during *insert situation here*. He's that guy. The guy that knows a ridiculous number of people in different places, and is generally willing to help you all along, but is too old to involve himself in the "action". He's my plot device.

On meeting- You could be riding the same airship to Montour, which was almost hijacked by a group trying to kidnap a wealthy person aboard, except you stopped the kidnappers. Unfortunately, some schlub 3d guy who hung out with you took all the credit and all the glory, once again proving that fate hates you.

On recoil- I'm thinking every subsequent shot until you spend a "moment" (at this point, a moment is an ill-defined concept) adjusting the general pointing direction of the weapon. The penalties would explode rapidly (ever tried to hold an automatic weapon on target? It's hard) as the weapon bucks the gunner. I hadn't actually thought out the mechannic details when I was importing the approximate values from AToW. I'll have to look at the existing modifiers and decide where it should fit.
Btw, I *think* I might have limited the number of things you can do in a round to 2. Might have to look and see if I did do that. I know I've abused the old CP2020 "multiple action" rules in the past. Really, really, abused. I want to find a middle ground between the munchkinism I know is possible, but still having some mad/crazy fun blowing things up.

Originally Posted by rules
If you perform multiple actions, all actions take a penalty. You may perform up 2 actions in a turn.
Also, would mounting a recoil weapon on a vehicle reduce the recoil?

Originally Posted by diremage View Post
Also, would mounting a recoil weapon on a vehicle reduce the recoil?

Once the recoil rules are written, if anyone bought a recoil weapon where they don't like it anymore, they'll be able to recoup the costs. Generally, that applies to any changes of the rules/equipment. Generally.

sneakybastard invited. Ad closed. Group full.

Wait, I invited how many people? Huh, that's a lot :P 7 players. I assume I'll lose a couple of you fairly soon, per the way normal pbp works, but if I don't, gonna be a full group.

Regarding mech combat in the future, cinematic style sounds great and seems necessary, but can we also find some way to incorporate our chosen mech designs ? Even if it is just a standardized way to boil the build down to some key stats (armor, mobility, heat, damage at range - SSW has some nifty charts).

I think its one of the joys of Battletech to determine loadouts down to the half ton and critical slots.

Players will be able to eventually do their own designs, as I agree that a love of the game is building mechs. SSW derives Battleforce stats for all mechs, and I'm using Battleforce numbers as a baseline for the cinematic style.

But a lot of the value of the custom design will come to a personal player's interpretation and roleplaying of the event. In the end, with BF stats, numbers come down to 1, 2, or 3. Getting that 1 via a PPC or a couple medium lasers, well, the player will have to RP that.

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