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ok, momentous occasion, made my first IC post!!! feel free to let me know whats right/wrong, I'm open for advice.

Content wise, you're good to go. Some players like having different players all use different colors for their speech. Personally, I don't care, and I generally just use black-bold. There are a lot of personal preferences around here. :P Find whatever suits your personal preference in taste, and go with that until someone orders you otherwise.

And then fake a russian accent.

Thor's spending the night counting credits and repairing Charity, btw.

What, don't dig a Scottish-Russian accent? Kilts and vodka for all!

Dig? Sure! Understand? Not in a million years xp

Dread- saw you mentioning a PF game on the Game Ads board- you might consider looking at this game:
They take all comers usually, and it's a good place to get started around here. Easier to get into than some of the other games (with PFS, usually it's a "if you can play, you can play" thing.) Shoot a message to Greycloak or itsgottabeodin to see if they're accepting players. I'm not sure. Once in the group, and a game opens up, it's usually first-come-first-serve.

awesome, thanks Drk. I'm more scifi, but fantasy is still awesome. My wife wanted to get started on Mythweavers and she likes PF rules more than she likes scifi so I was hoping to get her into something and then tag along if I could. thanks for the headsup. I also got into a Shadowrun game (because FASA), pretty happy about that.

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