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Okay, not much interest in Solaris, so let's get to Autumn... something, what was it, wind? Anyway.

Player's preference. I have a mental plan for two different starting points. Do you want to spend time meeting the employer and do social stuff, or get right into the action as fast as possible and deal with the social side later?

*presses "instant action" button*

blarg, sorry for my silence, folks. first week or two back in university after summer are always frantic. Giving a presentation tomorrow on Jean Jacques Rousseau, so after that i should be back to normal.

No worries, after 2 weeks away I'm not one to complain about anyone.

Fast forwarding a lot here to get to the action. That way I can surprise and ambush you all... wait, you're not surprised?

Yeah, but you'll need a mech to cover you short range right?

OK, maybe I want the Valk way out in front. I wanted jump-capable mechs securing the bridge in case it got blown.

for short range, valk has 1 medium and 2 small lasers.

everything is jump capable except wolfhound.


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