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Did you not roll cause you were not sure what to roll?


I was away for a while, so I'm sure we lost some crazy amounts of momentum. Gonna try to get it back.

I've pretty much lost crazy amounts of momentum in all my games, i've been going straight from work to sleep, with short pauses for food, etc.

I'd like to set fire to the woods, how would you like me to do that?

Heh, nothing says you can't. :P

On range- had to think about this for a while, and in the end, going to go with this- we all know the ranges in meters of our weapons. If you think it can probably hit, you can write it into your post. Mechanically, all your weapons are still combined into the single roll, and all the damage is combined into the single value.

What determines the damage is if you are in the same or adjacent or distant zones, and a bit of random arbitrariness. Generally, you'll either be in short or medium ranges anyway. Long and extreme ranges will be more roleplaying exercises.

Resolving what we have now.

kbrn- you roll once for all weapons. It's all lumped together.

Yes, it means you can get hosed by a bad or good roll (about a 3% chance combined), but usually it means you just do average.

You also want to capitalize the F in 4dF or it gives you all 1's.

Heh, didn't notice that.

It's not cheating if we don't get caught


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