Round the Table

Round the Table

We're gonna use this to just talk about stuff and things. Feel free to post, even if you've not been formally accepted into the game.

So, I'm having one major problem right now. Every single character application (except two) currently is the direct child of a noble family. Of the two that are not, one is tangentially and specifically tied to a house (and I'm fine with that.)

But... isn't too much, too much? I'm really uneasy with having characters who can claim direct kinship (or in fact are the child of) an important noble. (Important being defined as anyone who's landed, frankly.) Am I being too trepidatious here? I'm not trying to stifle creativity here, but it's becoming more and more like noble families are having litters of kids and kicking them off and out into the wilds.

I haven't actually written the background yet so I can easily make mine from more common stock. Maybe a Joan of Arc alike. Peasant girl that believes she is destined to save the kingdom, and due to a good deal of charisma and perhaps desperation from the ruler, has actually managed to convince him to be given the chance to try. The eidolon can look like whatever is on the arms of the kingdom to make it more convincing

Or.. perhaps like the original Ashe, a mercenary. Her home was beset by bandits and she became a mercenary to help defend it. Eventually the band was destroyed but only after some considerable success with Ashe as the seniormost surviving officer, which led to the ruler giving her a crack at the job.

Well, my character's no noble... But that's a moot point seeing as my application's not been finished and submitted... yet.

And, as far as I can tell so far, with what little information provided, I don't believe Ellamin (Phuse), Thorin (bduds2006), or Evanor (Skychaser1) are connected to nobles. Just an observation. None of them have any traits related to nobility; however, at the moment, they don't have a history up either.

But I certainly see your point. I noticed the same thing, actually. I also noticed that most of the applicants are spellcasters. Currently, it breaks down as follows:

2 Summoners
1 Monk Archer
1 Sorcerer
1 Wizard
1 Oracle
1 Cleric
1 Ranger
1 Fighter
1 Alchemist

Granted, the Alchemist is statted to be a tank (a build I was going to go with, except with an arcane blooded sorcerer instead of an alchemist, but Shihong read my mind and beat me to it and I didn't want to duplicate roles with my app.)

Just my observations.

Ashe - Daughter of Nobles (atm)
Sil'Tanin - Not a noble
Brogan - ?
Sir Garess - Connected to House Garess
Ellamin - ?
Thorin - ? (Presumably not a noble)
Daniel Lebeda - Son of a Noble
Evanor Dawnfire - ?
Eroll Collins - Not a noble, son of a powerful wizard
Julius Worwinter - Son of two Noble houses
Portia Padishah - Daughter of a Noble (currently)

Connected Directly or Indirectly to a Noble house - 5
Not connected to a Noble house - 2 (or 3)
Unknown - 4 (or 3)

At least that's how I'm seeing it right now.

Yeah, as a Ranger, I was going to have an impoverished upbringing. Hell, all Rangers are broke. If they had any real money they'd live comfortably, not scrounge off the land. Lol! Count me with the 'not connected's'. (Working on finishing the app tonight.)

Right. Now I see this is the perfect time to seize power of the underground a la a classless, ruthless spymaster. I'll post her to the application board shortly. Unfortunately, the character in question has only done modern and sci-fi settings before, so I think the outfit in this portrait is a bit too avant-garde for Brevoy?

Originally Posted by ABCoLD View Post
Errata: (Official ones marked with an *)
  • Barracks: Add Stability +1
  • Dump: Remove the Loyalty +1
  • Exotic Craftsman:* Replace Loyalty +1 with Economy +1.
  • Graveyard:* Remove the Economy +1
  • Mansion: Add: Mansions count as houses for purposes of fulfilling building requirements.
  • Mill: Reduce cost to 5 BP.
  • Secondhand Shop (4 BP, Must be adjacent to 1 Dump): A shop specializing in previously used merchandise, be it a pawn shop, flea market or junk store. Economy +1
  • Watchtower: Remove the Stability +1.
Why does the watchtower remove stability?

Basically they switched the Watchtower and Barracks bonuses


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