Felicia Ghirlandaio Drakon

Felicia Ghirlandaio Drakon

Felicia Ghirlandaio Drakon
Scion/Emissary of Power; Submerged
High Concept: Dragon Girl
Trouble: Chained by Blood
Age: 21

"By the blood of my father, I will end them."

Dragon Felicia

"Behold my true form, and tremble before the power of a dragon. I am unleashed."

So tell me about your sponsored magic. Evocation only I see, pretty much earth, air, and water then? Thematic or more like straight evocation?

How about your spirit of the world sponsor? More eco-terrorist or protect her children? I get the latter, but want to make sure. If it's more the first there's the whole prominent oil industry. If it's the latter I have a philosophical question. Does protect the children only include mortals? Does it include supernaturals and if so all or just some (doesn't include zombies, vampires....?)

Just some iniitial thoughts.

I was thinking thematic within the scope of elemental aspects of the world and the like. For example, her Rotes are a shield of stone, a gust of wind, a "maw" of earth and a searing ray of light. Dipping into the elements, but always trying to connect them to a natural aspect or state.

Definitively more protect the children than eco-terrorist, but "protecting the children" includes fighting against other children who are wayward. Ie. if there's a mortal who's doing harm to humanity as a whole, it is within Felicia's duties as the Protector to see matters settled. I'm leaning towards it only applying to mortals in the sense of the sponsor as a whole, but definitively applying to anyone weaker/underdogs in the case of Felicia herself (ie. the bounds of her Sponsor only force her to help mortals, but she would definitively help a harmless spirit, good-natured Fae, etc).

Cool, I like thematic magic, and 'naturally' occurring should make it interesting to see what you come up with when casting outside your rotes.

So if your 'mandate' only applies to mortals how does your patron feel about supernaturals. Are they abominations? Granted Felicia has mortal will and can decide for herself which supes are good and which need to be destroyed, could create some angst between her and her sponsor. I'm good either way just want to get a good feel for your patron.

Hmn, the way I think about it, the spirit of Earth just wants to see its children thrive and progress. So it wouldn't have any particular bad feelings toward the supernatural, unless they were actively weakening or preying on humankind (which is almost always the case, so...). So yeah, I think it could lead to some interesting situations, like her power vanishing if she helps a White Court Vampire for too long, for example, since her sponsor sees the White Court as a whole as a negative influence, etc.

Edit: Also, one thing I want to be sure of; since her magic is actually sponsored and not true mortal magic, she doesn't suffer from Hexing (and also can't Hex stuff on purpose, either), right?

Well here's the crux, passive hexing isn't likely to happen unless you spend too much time hanging around with a wizard and then it's his fault not yours; but when you do cast and the magic flows through you it will have the same effect. i.e. you can have a cell and it won't go wonky but if you cast with it in your pocket it will be fried...

Make sense?

Fair interpretation, I can work with that just fine.

Other thoughts on the character?

I'll give it a more solid going over but from the initial once over it looks solid enough. I'll look it over again but nothing stands out.

Any thoughts on theme/threats, locations you'd like to see. We've got some time since I'm still trying to fill out the cast but I'm hoping for a lot of input from the characters on the setting and what they'd like to see...

I've posted one Threat suggestion in its thread, looking for inspiration for more. Will probably come out with more ideas tomorrow and throughout Easter... Kinda sleepy at the moment.

Felicia comes from a posh wealthy influential family but only has average resources?

Does her family have business prospects in Lousiana? New Orleans?

Do any of her families business conflict with her cause?


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