Character Creation

Character Creation

Character Creation:
The starting level is 10 with gestalt progression. We will be using Pathfinder progression for feats and ability score increases found here. The caveat is that you will be using that progression for both sides of your class meaning you get double the listed benefits (except wealth, which is standard WPL for 10th level characters). Therefore, you get two feats every odd level (including first) and two ability score increases every fourth level.

To decide your stats, use this model: 8m6d6v2r1 and pick the six highest from among your results. You shouldn't need any rerolls, but if your stats are horrible, don't worry about it. The power level of all characters will be equal by the time the game starts.

For classes, you may use just about anything. Anything from DnD 3.5, obviously, but you may also use the Pathfinder classes found here. You may also use Arcana Evolved classes found here. You may even use just about any Homebrew you find or have made as long as it is complete and not completely ridiculous. The 3rd Party Pathfinder content is also available and provided on within the Pathfinder link. Links to some good Homebrew will be provided below.As with stats, don't worry about picking a class that is inherently stronger or weaker than any other class. When the final party is decided, all characters will be made to be at the same power level. In addition you may use feats from any of the listed sources. I will allow you to make your own feats, but not immediately. If you want to homebrew your own feats, you must wait until your character has been selected and then run them by me first.

You will not have a "race" per se. Instead, you must take at least a total of five levels of any one or more non-Template class from either one of the following sources: here or here. While both of these resources share many of the same monstrous classes, each one has several that the other does not. You are free to take more levels from these sources or, indeed, only levels from these sources, but the required minimum is five.

Because the available systems have a wide variety of skill systems and the classes born of those systems have a wide variety of class skills, a problem arises. To combat this problem, we are doing away with class skills altogether. We will be using the standard DnD 3.5 skill set but all characters may consider all skills class skills.

As I've stated above (and I really can't stress this enough) you need not worry about making a character that is innately stronger or weaker than any other character. With all the extra systems and even homebrew that I have made available for this game, the likelihood that a selected class, race or build is inherently more powerful than another (and certainly more powerful than their analogs in standard DnD 3.5) is quite high. Therefore, instead of effectively discouraging access to most of the newly usable material, I will be working with the final party, once its selected, to raise all characters to the same power level. Ideally, be done without lowering the power level of any character and simply adding class features, ability increases, extra feats or the like to those who need it.

EDITS: Max Health per level

Languages: Each creature Type has its own tongue and each individual race has its own variation on that tongue. It's something like Ranger's Favored Enemies. You can have the language Fey (Frostwind Virago). Knowing that language would mean that you can speak fluently with Frostwind Viragos and understand and be understood by most of what any Fey says.

Those ability increases... does that mean we're getting +1 in two areas. Or is it stackable per level so ultimately all 4 points can go to one location?

It is stackable or spread out at your option. You could get +4 to one ability score just as easily as +1 to four ability scores.

Are we going with fractional BAB and saves? (Frankly, I find it easier to build gestalt characters that way; but perhaps not everyone shares my inclinations.)

I made it easy on myself. Perfect BABs. Perfect saves. The whole chain.

hmmm... My instinct would be to take a vote when the final party is assembled but I don't know how badly that'll mess everyone up. I think that, for now, we should go normal progression and if most people in the final party want fractal, we'll change it to that.

Fractal only comes out to a point or two difference in total saves. And it tends to push them toward an "average" instead of toward extremes. I generally prefer it. Knowing when to time a specific level using standard can be abused.


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