Port Wander-Group IC

Port Wander-Group IC

As the Inquisitor and team have arrived in the same area as the GK's, every one please post here now.

Ben strides down from the shuttle ramp, still clad in his power armor, moving into the proper dock area. He sets out to look for Sarena and the GK, seeking a report on the situation.

Zane wasted no time, following behind the Inquisitor. He held his hand on the hilt of his power sword, ready to draw it at a moment's notice.

Severinas, easy to spot due to his size, stomps towards the inquisitor and his acolytes. "Emperor keep you, Inquisitor. All bystanders within the church have died, but the surrounding populace has proven too large to contain. Perhaps if you were to address them and request their obedience?"

"Tell me about the situation you encountered. What exactly happened? Has the populace around the church witnessed the fighting?" Ban asks, taking stock of the situation.

"Not to any meaningful degree, my lord. The fight did not last long, and the witnesses were all struck down by pestilence." Severinas turns to look at the still-burning church. "No sooner had we arrived than some manner of cultists detonated an explosive amidst the crowd. From what they yelled out, I take it they intended the deaths as a sacrifice to one or more of their Dark Gods. The Warp spawn appeared - no more than half a dozen, all of them filthy with disease - and we drove them from the Materium with sword and fire."

"It seems the damage was not as bad here as upstairs then, but still this seems to be a locus of the taint from what I have learned. Let me inspect the scene...have you any remains of the explosives the cultists used." Ben starts walking with the Knight into the chappel, but stops and adresses his agents. "Magos, Martialis you are with me. Zane, go and talk with the crowds. Tell them the inquisition is on the scene and handling any problems. Calm them down and assemble them according to the planet from which they came."

He nodded. "Yes Sir." He turned and walked to the crowd, trying to find a good spot to get their attention. Once he found one, he raised his voice and talked loud, but not shouting. He has good projection. "Attention good citizens of the Imperium, our Noble Inquisition has arrived and is, as we speak, handling the issue. Now our Lord Inquisitor has asked that everyone here assemble into groups based on planet of origin. Can you please do so in an orderly fashion."

"Perhaps I can be of assistance in this." Sarena says through her vox before her jump pack thrusts her into the air high above the crowd. Her wings extend as a raging halo of fire encircles her entire body, her voice becoming an undenyable celestial echo throughout the station's section. Amplified by her armor and the pure divine might of the God-Emperor, her voice carried to the hearts and minds.

"Loyal citizens, protected are you of the God-Emperor of Mankind! Blessed of His most Holy Imperium, today the gods of Chaos saught to devour and stain the very fabric of reality and your immortal souls! But here I stand, proof of his divine protection and proof of your status as his favored people. Hear my words and calm your hearts, for I have come to bring absolution and cleanse from amongst you the taint of Chaos! Please, let His Holy Voice fill your hearts, embrace His Divine Knowledge of your safety and return. Allow my ordained and blessed agents and those of his most Holy Ordos to speak with you! Allow them to bless you and keep you safe from the taint of Chaos. May this blessing, His most Holy of Hollies keep you sage this night!"

As they hear her voice, or see her divine vision in flight above them, the crowds did settle and had the fear stolen from within their hearts. For in the presence of such divine power nothing could hurt them. Such a presence would be heeded, after all, the Sororitas was the very manifestation of the Emperor's love for them.

Sarena descended to the ground, landing with a metallic clang as the masses all suddenly settled and began to return. "Inquisitor, servants of Nurgle. A greater daemon who has much experience in dealing with the Sororitas. He knew precisely how to effect me, and I am tainted with his filth so long as I stay within this armor. I, and it, must be cleansed immediately less I be forever tainted. Please, tell me where I might find a site of holy cleansing, a place where servitors may clean my armor while we continue this investigation."

The crowd slowly starts to move at Zane's direction. This will take several minutes for the hundreds and hundreds of people present......

Thanks to Sarena's speech there is not the riot that you would expect given a speech from a woman covered in........


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