Port Wander-Group IC

Sarena's armor is covered in her own bile, the acidic smell is putrid and the sight unbecoming of a Sororitas, however no one could see the horror that lay beneath her armor, a sight she would keep from everyone.

Constantine stands fast unintentionally providing more visual confirmation of the Emperor's power. He is in fact still
Psyniscience 42:
Dice Roll:
d100 Results: 84
scanning the area and people around him for any further signs of taint. The sight of sister Sarena calming the crowd is indeed a magnificent sight possibly distracting even him.

Upon hearing that they are dealing with the aftermath of daemons of Nurgle Terrellios has drawn his flamer, but has refrained from pointing it at anything important just yet. While he follows the Inquisitor he does his own more physical scans for such mundane things as additional bombs and weapons.

Terrellios scan reveals no bomb threats in the immediate area but he would need to walk around the crowd first........

"Inquisitor, scans show no additional explosives in the vicinity. Do you wish me to scan the rest of the refuge area, or investigate the chapel?"

Zane takes his time so the job of grouping them is done properly. One hand on the hilt of his Power sword should he need to draw it

"Please do Magos. Tell Zane to relay to the crowd that you are doing a medicae scan as to not spook them." Ben says to the Magos and moves over to brother Mortius. "Mortius, can you tell me what happened here?"

"Good people, we will be conducting Medicae scans, so no need to worry."

Martialis also stretches his mind out, scanning the area for anomalous or corrupting warp signatures.


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