Port Wander-Group IC

The servitor from the Inquisitors unmarked shuttle buzzes on all frequencies. The dry, scratchy voice of the pilot-servitor speaksLord Inquisitor, incoming vox transmission from the stations flight control incoming. Shall I patch you through?"

"Patch me through." Ben says, moving out of the earshot of any not affiliated with Ordo Malleus.

"My Lord this is flight control, we had an unauthorized shuttle detach as we opened up and allowed you to enter. Was this yours, my Lord?"

"Damn it. Operator, patch me into the shuttle's vox system, and get the station defense officer on line. I want the stations weapons to take a bead on the shuttle."

Once the channel opens, Ben says. "Unmarked shuttle, this is Inquisitor Frayhert. There is a inquisitorial quarantine of this area, might I inquire where you are going?"

"Sir, while I am sure that they heard you, they are not answering....wait they just cut their vox link Sir!"

"Well that is downright rude. Order the gun emplacements to disable their engines."

Ben gets on his other vox channel, to the Unrelenting light. "Captain Argo, this is Frayhert. We have a situation developing on the station. There is a shuttle departing from the refugee docks. Could you track its progress for now?"

Captain Argo's voice is all business as he responds after a few seconds

"Acquiring target...tracking a Guncutter class shuttle. She is moving pretty fast Inquisitor. She is very suitable for flight but she must have another ship close by Lord. There are dozens out there held off due to your containment order."

"Inquisitor. If you can get me a direct visual on this shuttle, I can secure it. But I must see it with my own eyes." Mordred says stepping forward, cloak draped around the entirety of his armored form.

After finishing grouping and helping to keep the citizens calm, he kept watch in case of trouble amongst them.


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