Port Wander-Group IC

Since neither the Inquisitor nor anyone else seems to be able to answer her twice-asked question, the sororitas suffers through the continued contamination of Nurgle's efforts. To help pass the time, since she is unable to assist with the fleeing shuttle, she voxs the local Imperium Logistics Center on the station to ask if they can direct her to where a place she might cleanse herself and her armor.

"Sister, a containment team can reach you. They will assist with your decontamination under guard. There is a service elevator 300m from you that will be emptied other than the team. Please proceed there."

With a nod and passing along the message to the Inquisitor as to not disturb him in his current situation. "Proceeding." she transmitted, proceeding to the elevator while remaining away from those she could to avoid contaminating anyone.

Martialis watches the battle sister head toward the service elevator before turning to Inquisitor Frayhert. "What would you have us do next Inquisitor?"

At the service elevator, the Battle Sister sees the team dressed head to due in CRB suits. "Ma'am, we are taking you to clean room."

The elevator doors close and whisk you off to another section of the station.

Ben contacts the station flight control. "This is Inquisitor Frayhert. Order all ships in the vicinity of the station to hold their position and power down their engines. Exempt the Unrelenting light from that order. Then find out if the Lord Admiral has recovered and who is the next Commissar lord. Get them both on the vox and have them contact me. And find out why are the station defenses not yet firing on the shuttle."

To the Unrelenting light. "Captain Argo it seems some heretics are trying to escape with that shuttle I mentioned earlier. They might have accomplices on one of the ships moored in the vicinity. Would you kindly move the Unrelenting Light in a position to prevent any ships from escaping."

Finishing his vox communication, Ben turns to the rest of the Ordo Malleus affiliates. "Allright, we have a situation developing. We need to conclude this investigation quickly. Try to locate any items of interest that might provided a clue from where the suicide bombers came from. Explosive remains, clothing anything you deem important. After that, we will cleanse the chappel in holy flame, eliminating any trace of the daemonic."

Zane moved away from the crowd of people towards the Inquisitor, having done his job. "You have my eyes Inquisitor." He followed the Inquisitors instructions and conducted a quick search for any clues.

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nothing bomb or bomb like but its a lot of people, it will take a few turns..

"Inquisitor, the shuttle is using a mechanicus ID to lock out the weapons systems...our enginseers are trying to overcome the problem. The Admiral is still being worked on my Lord and the commsariat will be contacting you."

"Unrelenting light, moving to intercept. Please note this will remove me beyond effective support and teleport recovery range Inquisitor."

Zane and the rest of the groups search turns up no more tangible leads. According to the Rites performed by the Grey Knights, they would consider the area free of taint.

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