Port Wander-Group IC

Kneeling in prayer, Sarena nods as her gaze falls to the armor. Her skin bare and smelling of sterile clean, she stands and places her hand on the armor's shoulder. "God Emperor bless me, forgive me for what I must do. I will atone for this deed in the destruction of your more hated foes." she whispers in prayer before looking to the nearby serfs, servitors and servants.

"Adorn me. I will observe my rituals once the Chaos have been purged." she says, beginning the ritual of adornment to open and wear her armor with the assistance of those nearby, her skin kept bare and her body ready to accept the trials to come.

"Agreed." Ben says to the Knights, and then opens more vox channels.

"Captain Argo, I authorize you to use any and all means to prevent the Advocate from fleeing or endangering Port Wander. We are departing via shuttle now."

"Flight control, leave this message with the commisariat. Inquisitor Frayher authorizes you to screen all of the refugees for corruption before unsealing the refugee deck. Find out if any of them have any connections with a certain Zalandia."

Seeing Sarena return, Ben says. "Lets move, we are done here."

"This is Flight Deck Control, understood Inquisitor."

"Understood Inquisitor. Commencing engagement. Codes are being transmitted to the pilot-servitors to bring you in under the defensive screen." before his vox clicks off you hear the Captain giving a rapid stream of orders before it clicks out

As the twin shuttles begin their approach, you are very glad of Captain Argo's foresight. A tremendous barrage of lethal energy is being released on both sides.

As soon as your shuttle enters the bay you can feel the whole ship moves as you touch down for a longer landing that you thought you would have.

Over the vox you hear "Sorry folks but standing still is a death sentence. I am not about to leave us in the crosshairs of that damned ship's lanced batteries."

The ride up to the bridge is a tense few minutes as you feel the ship rock from hard hitting impacts.

Coming onto the bridge you see a bed of activity. All business as everyone shuffles around, giving battlefield appropriate bows as the speed on their way. The activity hub of a Naval battle was an arcane circus for those not of a naval background.

Captain Argo's moterized chairs spins towards you with a hum.

"Let's get right to it. The Advocate is a Dauntless Light Cruiser." a holo comes to life.

"She was taken by a force of chaos raiders back in the Gothic war. I know at the time that the raiding force including chaos marines, the Emperor take them, and many troops. Based on this battle so far, her weapon load out is the same. I have her bottled up. If she begins to flee we can out race her and I placed the Unrelenting Light between us and Port Wander. My question is, what do you wish of her? I can destroy her, unless you have another plan in mind?"

"I fear we cannot just destroy them. They might contain vital information for this sector. I fear a boarding party may be needed." Ben turns towards the rest of the group. "I welcome all suggestions. As I understand it the common way the Grey Knights enter combat is through the use of the teleportarium. That method is more risky for us that are not Astartes."

Sister Sarena has her armored hands clasped in prayer for a moment as the activity around them continues, the captain's words reach her even through her whispered prayer. Her angelic voice is eventually heard as the Inquisitor finishes. "The Inquisitor is correct, we must board them and if possible return this ship to the Imperium. The intelligence it's machine spirits could provide may be immense. With your knowledge of the ship, Captain, could you use your teleportaium to send our God Emperor's angels onto the bridge, and the rest of us to their engineering core?" she asks curiously.

"I would suggest saving teleporting for if we need a quick escape...though I see little other way on, unless we want to risk a boarding craft, though that may be hazardous to our health should we come within range of their weapons...though if we can disable their weapons somehow, or give them something more appealing to fire at, we might be able to." Zane said as he looked at the holo of the enemy ship.

Mordread had pulled his massive cloak over his shoulders to a more 'relaxed' fit, folding his massive arms across his chest, staring at the holo of the ship. "If we must avoid the use of the Teleportarium, we can always use boarding torpedos... while I might be able to make it to the ship at a thought... I would much rather stand with my brothers than go alone."

Severinas folds his arms. "Agreed. A boarding torpedo is the suggested tactic in this scenario."

"Inquisitor, I can have the Magos make the nessecary modification with his servitor teams. How many would you require?"

" I agree with my brothers. A boarding torpedo will be the best approach. We should also bring a teleport homer with us in case the situation requires us to destroy the ship and depart quickly."

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