Port Wander-Group IC

"It is proceeding as we speak. I will have teleport homers will be made available for your team. Proceed to the torpedo room when you are ready. The Magos shouted be ready shortly. "

Constantine, still wearing his armour and weapons, was already prepared to depart. With out further ado he heads for the torpedo room. "For the Emperor!" he says before he departs.

Martialis address the Inquisitor as the armoured forms of the grey knight depart room. "While our lords the Grey Knights push the assault by boarding torpedo what would you have us mortals do? Have you a sealed vault where this vox recording can be stored or do you wish to review it now?

Zane waits patiently, ready to go whenever they were.

"I am sure the Unrelenting Light is equipped with a secure storage room for the recording. Captain Argo will direct you." Ben says, "We will acompany the Grey Knights, who knows what is on that ship. I need to see it for myself. The Magos will modify the boarding torpedos to ensure our survival at destination."

"Captain, could you as the boarding torpedo hits, teleport a few combat servitors to the Ascendant to create a distraction?"
Ben says before departing.

Captain Argo looks at Martialis. "Follow that servitor." you see one emerge from the overhead and set down on the deck my a mechanical arm. You see it come online, its hexagramic wards activating. "It will lead you to the holding area and than guide you back to the torpedo room. This is a large ship, try not to wander off Sir."

Captain Argo turns to the Inquisitor "It always seems that you Inquisitors manage to pick up colorful strays in your travels. I will send a few of them over in different parts of the deck, full of combat drugs and buzzing saws and other implements the Mechanicus likes to install of those things. I will ensure the combat waffers used to program them will ID you as friendlies. They will go until destroyed or the drugs burn them out.

I will include breeching charges in your Torpedoes. They will be in a blessed bag in your torpedoes. These are Astartes class, we don't carry the guard size version so they are large. I would suggest that those in power armor carry them. You will be in six boarding torpedoes. Each of the blessed Knights are in once each, per standard. Inquisitor, you will be in one alone heading to the bridge. The rest will be two to a torpedo, towards the Engine section. I understand your orders and will see them carried out. The Emperor Protects. "

The Torpedo Room

This room is a large area where hundreds and hundreds of servitors are teaming with servitors of all shapes and models. The activity is devoid of speech outside of the buzz of
chanting prayers to the machine god
binary and cherubs buzzing around sprinkling blessed oils and chanting over prayers harmful to chaos.

You see the
Magos Var over seeing the finishing touches on the boarding torpedoes. While the Astartes see these as a normal thing, for the Acolytes this are almost a big as a Chimera, and that is just the section you are in. The rest of the long torpedo is pure rocket and fuel. They are much bigger than the type used by the Imperial Navy.

Magos Var approaches the group "Ah yes, they are most impressive are they not?" he makes the sign of the machine on his chest with a mechadentrite as he continues in his metalic, vox enhanced voice.
"These are fitted with cloaking baffles, an Astartes standby, with vox-amplifiers as well. It should allow good vox penetration on the ship. They will also act as localized teleport signal enhancers as well, within 5 meters. I stress this because conditions of the enemy vessel may be unstable. They have corrupted the machine-spirits to do foul things. Now in your tubes you will find teleport homers. You just need to repeat the ritual of activation and upon intoning the holy words you may then depress the marked button. You will automatically begin the retrieval process. Inside are Astartes standard breaching charges. I have blessed them myself. Please intone the pray of destruction when arming the device so its war spirits deliver their wrath in the proscribed manner. There are two per tube. They are ready to board."

Brother Severinas takes a moment before securing himself in the boarding torpedo, kneeling in prayer. He does not pray for survival; that would be cowardly, beneath his station as an Astartes and a dishonor in the God-Emperor's sight. His prayer is for victory, the completion of their mission. He silently reviews the Oath of Moment he swore upon leaving his Chapter and entering into the Inquisitor's service.

His faith renewed, the purifier allows the servitors to strap his enormous frame into the interior of the missile.

Constantine enters his tube and allows himself to be strapped in. The quick medical attention he received has refreshed his body to almost prime conditions. So he instead focuses on preparing his mind. The warp has been particularly difficult to navigate today so he dedicates his efforts to bringing it better under his control. It's especially important as they are about to go against the forces of chaos.

Terrellios familiarizes himself with the torpedoes equipment and communes with its machine spirit. Then he carefully ensures that his equipment is prepared and ready before strapping himself in. Closing the lenses of his augmented eyes he allows himself to contemplate the events aboard the station while he uses his thin optical mechadendrite to unobtrusively watch for which of the other agents will choose to board his pod.

Sarena was silent in her manner as the angels and men around her decided their attack plan. She wasn't a tactician, nor much of a woman for plans, such was the affects of the prescribed professions. Certainly she had commanded millions in her life, she had fought the forces of Chaos, the Mutant, the Witch and the Heretic, she had stood against every enemy the Imperium had ever known and she still stood. She had used boarding torpedoes before and felt no qualms about using them. It was merely a vessel to take her to where her faith was needed.

Taking a knee infront of the Magos Var, she removes her helm and bows her head. "Bless me Magos for I have sinned. I was forced to adorn myself in my protections without the full extent of the required rituals so that I may join in this assault. I seek in this brief moment forgiveness for what I have done and what I must do to destroy the heretics and chaos before us." she intones, prepared to board her torpedo when required.

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