The Awfish Thing

The Awfish Thing

The Awfish Thing

The Awfish Thing is a dimensional nexus. It's a smaller, more portable, and much more powerful version of the grand Nexus located at One Canada Square. It consists of two components, the Hypersphere (a multidimensional cage which resembles a large ball of silvery-grey bands overlapping over one another, periodically flashing green light) and the Black Box (the base on which the Hypersphere is placed, resembling a large black box with a number of input and output cables).

The Awfish Thing allows travel to other dimensions. It works by 'overlaying' two dimensions inside the Hypersphere. In essence, a subject inside the Hypersphere will be in Dimension A and Dimension B simultaneously. Then, depending on the programming of the Awfish Thing, the subject will be allowed to exit into either of the two Dimensions.
Space: The Hypersphere of the Awfish Thing has a variable size. In 'Rest Mode' it is about four feet across and creates a dimensional intersection of exactly one meter. The Black Box's programming can be used to create intersections as small as one millimeter across, or as large as twenty meters across, the Hypersphere being about 10% larger than the intersection.
Energy: The Awfish Thing uses a lot of electricity. Activating dimensional intersections of up to two meters across requires eight (8) megawatts of power. This is about comparable to the engine of a modern electric train, or the consumption of a very large apartment or office building. However, dimensional intersections above two meters across consume a rapidly increasing amount of electricity (every additional meter above 2 doubles the power-consumption), so to actually reach the uppermost limits, you need to hook it up to your own powerplant. The Awfish Thing comes with a capacitator/battery that will keep a two-meter portal open for 12 hours in the event of power failure (Every additional meter in diameter cuts the battery life in half, so a two meter portal for six hours, or a four meter portal for an hour and a half, or a ten meter portal for a minute and a half, etc).
Using the Awfish Thing is fairly straightforward -- Moon automated much of the device. You feed the Awfish Thing enough electricity, let it warm up (about an hour), and then use the Black Box computer to set your destination. The Hypersphere then produces a very specific set of vibrational frequencies, creating the dimensional intersection, and then opens up in Dimension A to let people in, closes, then opens up in Dimension B to let people out.

Vincent Moon left a fairly large library of 'safe' dimensions. One should note however, that this is for Moon's value judgments of safe. It mostly means that if you're using his library, you can be reasonably confident of not dropping into a dimension where the fundamental physical constants will make all of your atoms explode, say.

You can also input the vibrational frequencies manually, if you're feeling brave and confident.
Safety Mechanisms
Sleep Mode: The Awfish Thing can be set to a 'sleep mode', in which case the Hypersphere fades entirely into some other dimension. This means that anyone coming across it won't realize it's anything other than a big black computer mainframe.

User Identification: The Awfish Thing can be set to only allow certain users to activate it. You can set passwords, hook it up to retinal scans, fingerprint identification, DNA testing, facial recognition software... the Awfish Thing can be configured to use any or all of those to prevent improper users.

Activation Failsafe: The Awfish Thing won't create a dimensional intersection if someone is inside it unless manual over-rides are activated. Being inside the Hypersphere while the dimensional intersection is being created is very damaging to anything inside, dealing 15 dice of aggravated damage to all objects and people.

The Hypersphere: The Hypersphere is quite nearly indestructible. It has Durability 8 and Structure 20, and repairs at the rate of 1 Structure per minute, so long as the Black Box is still functional. It also has a complex electromagnetic 'sheathe' which scrambles all magic powers, subtracting eight (8) successes from any arcane power trying to cross the border of the Hypersphere. The Hypersphere can only be opened from the outside, from the Black Box terminal. This is to prevent anything from accidentally coming back through the Awfish Thing. The Hypersphere traps it, and then you can either shove a bunch of vibrational frequences at it till it dies, or eject it into some distant dimension.

It's not foolproof, of course. If you accidentally grab something too big inside the Hypersphere (a rank 5+ entity, say), or whoever it is has high explosives, then they can still break out. But it's pretty reliable.

Self Reconfiguration and Remote Manipulation: The Awfish Thing has some ability to alter its own structure and components. How it does this is a bit unclear, but it can. Equally unclear is under what guidance it does this, but it seems likely that Vincent Moon built himself a backdoor into the thing.

Known Dimensions

D43-TU-2064R "Pillar"
Notes:Erin recognizes this as the expanse of endless sand and infinitely distant ruins.

D74-OP-2836Z "Heliogabalus"
Notes: Unknown

D74-RL-2098P "Justinian"
Notes: Unknown

D66-NJ-2508X "Rainforest"
Notes: Unknown

D78-UL-2893V "Zero"
Notes: Unknown. Moon writes "Long Underwear".

D16-HW-2185F "Flu"
Notes: Unknown

D13-GV-2245P "Basalt"
Notes: Erin recognizes this as the home-dimension of the Umbrelic Vampyres.

D86-JS-2906N "Corpse"
Notes: Unknown. Moon writes 'Kindred Only'.

D24-JB-2719P "Dreamsong"
Notes: Unknown

D27-PB-2062U "Santa Elizaveta de la Buena Rosa"
Notes: Unknown

D27-GV-2686C "Antonio"
Notes: Unknown

D27-KS-2185Q "Nakaidoklini"
Notes: Unknown

D05-ML-2761N "Escorial-Sympathy"
Notes: Unknown

D33-PL-2072S "Mumler"
Notes: Unknown

D58-KT-2786O "Blue"
Notes: Unknown

D63-RS-2253D "Toadstool"
Notes: Unknown. A note from Vincent Moon has an order for scuba gear and TNT.

D88-YR-2912Z "Gibraltar"
Notes: Unknown

D88-MT-2005R "Fimbulwinter"
Notes: Unknown

D94-YX-2937O "Digital"
Notes: Unknown

D11-YR-2217W "Staring Back"
Notes: Unknown

D15-VT-4381W "Vertiginous"
Notes: Unknown

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