Johnny Daxson

Johnny Daxson

Name : Johnny Daxson |Gender: Male |Max HP :
Age : 19 |Height: 5' 10" |Money :
Level : 0 |Weight: 145lb |Pokemon: (?/?)

STR | 8 | 0 | 8 | -2
DEX | 8 | 0 | 8 | -2
CON | 14 | 0 | 14 | +2
INT | 14 | 0 | 14 | +2
WIS | 10 | 0 | 10 | 0
CHA | 10 | 0 | 10 | 0
Current Team

Stored Pokemon

(Level Gained/Name/Page #/Notes)

3 Ball-Mount Blight Healing Belt
60 Pokedollars
4 Days worth of Food and Water
(1) Caught:

(2) Seen:

This is Johnny Daxson, a young boy from Pallet town. His father is one of the only mechanics in the town. He mostly works on the PC system that they somehow have managed to keep running and generators, keeping the houses up and running. Most of his life, this new change in the Pokemon has been in effect. It is not that he is growing used to it, he is growing used to dealing with it. When curfew strikes, he is home. When a wild Pokemon is reported outside the city limits, he doesn't venture too far. When a Pokemon kills one of the people on the outskirts of Pallet town, he helped the family who was effected. Johnny is tired of it. Tired of watching Pallet town crumble around him, watching people he knows die, and he is tired of thinking about his lost sister. She never heeded the warnings, never came in at night when she was supposed to, always out with her boyfriend. He got her killed you know. They were always sneaking off to 'watch the stars' in the middle of the Pokemon filled woods. Idiot. The tears fall from his face even to this day, and it happened three years ago. Johnny just wished he could do something about it, even if it was just keeping his home safe from the monsters.

Johnny is simply a small town boy with big time dreams. His sister's death traumatized him, but it was also slowly unlocking something deep within Johnny. The more frustrated he is with not being able to do anything about his situation, the more it pushes him to open up his latent powers. Johnny doesnt know it, but he is a powerful psychic. All he has to do is learn to harness his powers, and then maybe, just maybe he can do some good around here.

I want to make Johnny develop in his classes depending on what direction his powers go. If he collects many fire Pokemon, then Firebreather. If he becomes corrupted by his own hate, Hex Maniac. If he gives into the light, empath. All of this depend on his personality in the game. Right now, I modeled him after myself a bit, but a little more jaded because of, you know, his sister's death and home town slowly following in step.

I personally just dont want to run into any Vanilites or ANY of it's evolutions..
Something about a talking ice cream infuriates me.
Other than that, I will capture Pokemon as they come to me, and have no preference.

"Dad!" Johnny called out, waving frantically toward his father. His dad was just back from Viridian City with the others from the caravan escort. You see, he needed a specific tool to get the PCs back up to speed, but the company in Saffron would not pay the expenses to get it to Pallet Town. Instead, he had to haul over to Viridian City, which meant dealing with the vicious wild Pokemon that are terrorizing the area.

After a pleasant reunion with his father, they walked home, talking of all the plans they had for tomorrow. Apparently the smiling and laughing of a father and son displeased fate, and in came a putrid looking rattatta pack. They hissed, squealed, and sputtered at the pair. The only reason they survived was because Johnny's dad happened to have a road flare to scare off the creatures. Sprinting back to the house, their family was united again. Hopefully his father's next trip will be so successful, it has been getting pretty bad out there.

So how was Professor Willow son? his father asked at dinner.
I go tomorrow dad, I told you that before you left. Johnny responded with a mouth stuffed with food. His mother swatted him upside the head.
You know better than to chew with your mouth full young man she scolded, trying to hold back laughter at the ridiculous face Johnny was now giving her, And for pete's sake, stop making that face!
The whole family had a good long laugh, a hearty meal, and then was quickly followed by a bad movie about high-flying martial artists with painfully played out fights. Johnny soon went to bed, excited about his meeting with the Professor. His father and mother seemed to like Professor Willow, and that was good enough for Johnny.

Eli the Bulbasaur

Sex: Male
ACL: 8
625/800 EXP
Hardy Nature
Ability: Overgrow
Diet: Herbivore, Phototroph
Egg Group: Monster, Plant

Power: 1
Int: 3

Overland: 7
Power: 1
Sky: 0
Int: 3
Surface: 2
Jump: 2
Burrow: 0
Underwater: 0

Bulbasaur is a reptilian creature with a spotted blue-green hide. the most notable feature of this Pokémon is the onion-like bulb on its back. This bulb has a symbiotic relationship with the Pokémon, growing from a seed planted on its back by its mother at birth.

Moves Known
2d6 - At-Will - 3
Attack - Melee
Effect: 1 Target, Dash
Tough - 3d4 - No Effect
At-Will - 2
No Damage - Ranged (5)
Effect: No Target, Burst
Growl creates a 5-meter Burst. Growl lowers all Legal Targets Attack 1 Combat Stage.
Cute - 2d4 - Excitement

Center - 4
No Damage - Ranged (6)
Effect: 1 Target
At the beginning of each of the target’s
turns, Leech Seed’s target loses 1/8th of
their full HP. Do not apply weakness or
resistance to the HP lost. Do not apply
stats to the HP lost. Leech Seed’s user
then gains HP equal to the amount the
target lost. Leech Seed lasts until the
target faints or is returned to a Poke
Ball. Leech Seed cannot hit a Grass type
Smart - None - Torrential Appeal
Leech Seed

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