Felix Warren

Felix Warren

Name: Felix Warren

Appearance: A young adult that stands at above average height, this frame lean frame would be a bit hard to with his usual choice of baggy clothing. His near jet black is done up to a minimalistic comb to the right to cover his right eye and burn scars, which in turn cover over his ear to half way over the cheek under the eye. Personally allowing to be uncovered is of light mossy green, if gazed upon. If anything that he would be remembered for, would be his disarmingly soft smile that is always plastered across his façade. His own clothing style would be “causal” that had been touched with the color green in some trademark or artistic choice by the designer. Always carrying himself with airs of calmness if not a hint of lemony caution. ¬

Background Information: He had lived in pallet town the majority of his life, even before the strange events had wrecked and wracked the world. Having spent most this time alone studying by himself, after the house fire that was started by a wild Charmander that left him touched with the scar while escaping. Weeks after the Helios incident in a migraine had ravaged his head and the first signs of the latent psychic powers reared their head as he flung a stack of books off of a nearby shelf. Just recently he had begun broking free of introverted tendencies, more and more he had noticed the world had started changing and not for the best. Even if he’s still a bit naive to the way is outside Pallet he’d find answers; at least he’d try to fix the world in the process.

Pokemon Wishlist: Yamask, Gasly, Duskull, lampet, and Ditto.

Goal: Find out why this world is getting more savage or at least try to make a dent in it for the better and out more out his own powers in the process.

Writing Sample: Felix pulled off his headphones and let them fall to the nap of his neck while the black connection cord swayed slowly. Offering up a hand to the stranger, he placed the other casually against a cheek and gave off a small warm smile. “Excuse me, I doubt we’ve been introduced.” Announcing in a playful manner, while he made a few mental notes on what to make of this new individual. “It couldn’t hurt to be at least a bit social, could it? “ He thought as he canted his head off to one side in more of an attempt to hide his burns than being coy.

Probable Character Class: Psychic followed by either an Empath, Influential or Hex Maniac mattering on how the game out.

Trainer Character Sheet
Name : Felix Warren |Gender: Male |Max HP : 56
Age : 19 |Height: 6’1” |Money : (?)
Level : 1 |Weight: 143 |Pokemon: (?/?)
Classes: Psychic

STR | 7 | -2 | 5 | -5
DEX | 12 | 0 | 12 | +1
CON | 13 | +1 | 14 | +1
INT | 14 | +1 | 15 | +2
WIS | 10 | 0 | 10 | 0
CHA | 8 | 0 | 8 | -2
Current Team
Stored Pokemon

(Level Gained/Name/Page #/Notes)
0 Telepathy :You may read the surface thoughts of other humans, as well as project your surface thoughts to other humans. You may also project telepathic message to your Pokemon, but may not read your Pokemon’s minds.
0 Telekinesis : Add your INT and CON modifiers and multiply the total by 5 pounds. This represents the weight you may lift and items you may target with Telekinesis. Multiply your INT and CON modifiers then multiply that product by 3-meters. This is how far the target can be. (2x2)5=20 LBS – (2x2)3=12 meters
0 Pole Arm User :1d8+4+2
0 Throwing Weapon User :1d8+4+2

Pokedex: 0 Caught, 0 Seen

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