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Although it won't happen immediately, this game will, in fact, have combat. I will be using zones instead of tactical maps, as in FATE. If you aren't familiar with that system, the basic idea is that anyone in a particular zone can engage in melee combat with anyone else in the same zone, and there are no attacks of opportunity. Line of sight is dictated by the presence or absence of obstacles. This means combat will be loose and flowing, and will only rarely have an actual map.

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Before I move further into the application with a write-up, am I grasping the contextual fluff well enough for Vincent to make sense? I know I haven't posted much, but I thought it was worth asking.

The typical household model for this village would be one or two elders, three or four adults, and a bunch of kids of assorted ages. The young kids (age < 12) will belong to the adult women of the household, but may or may not belong to the adult men of the household. The adult women are likely to be the offspring of one or more of the elders (especially the female if there is one), but don't have to be.

The Amael page of the wiki is probably misnamed, I'm now realizing, as it's really about the general belief structures and impacts that has on the village. That's where this information resides.

I noticed the interesting dynamic of the households (primarily the matriarchal nature of things) but what I was trying to convey was a fresh families attempt at making it in the village. Would elders still need to be present in such a new family? It doesn't break the concept either way, I'm just trying to completely envision things correctly.

I realize there wouldn't be much land 'not' being used at this late in the stages, but I didn't want to delve too deep into how they acquired it if A. It wouldn't matter. B. Certain aspects of land-ownership or buying land were unique to the setting.

Would an elder need to be present? No, it's not required. The two parents here, though, would be seen as acting silly, perhaps even to the point of near-blasphemy. Not only did they have several children in a short span of years, but just one woman is taking care of all of them by herself, and (unless I'm interpreting incorrectly), she's had them all with one man. None of that is outright wrong, but it would certainly be talked about quite a bit and both parents would face a lot of social pressure against all of that. Which is fine if that's what you're going for. There's weirdos and rebels in every bunch.

The woman is, however, going to have other problems as she's expected to have a job of some kind in addition to whatever spawning she does. It may be as simple as keeping the vegetable beds of a particular plot weeded, but she should have some other responsibility. And, of course, she still needs to have two other kids with two other men before her fertile years are over.

Re: Land ownership: Commies! They get the idea of private property, but see land itself as community property, more or less.

Little by little my application gets work, but apparently today will not be the day it gets typed out or worked on in any kind of earnest. What do they say about best laid plans?

I'll be using Royal Blue as Benjamin's color if he gets in.

Any idea when you want to get this going, dauphinous?


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