Can still use the words grandfather/uncle? I've been using them like it's used in Hong Kong where children are taught to use the terms to address family friends and the like - when speaking English that is.

Not to quibble but:

As a side effect of this, it is entirely possible, and not wholly uncommon, for a child to not actually know who his father is. Most women can be fairly sure, but it's not considered a big deal if she's not.


You shouldn't have sex with your parent, sibling, or child. Anyone else is fair game, but large age discrepancies (>10 years) are frowned on.
Unless the 'sibling' status is accorded only by a shared birth mother these facts don't quite reconcile with each other - for the sibling taboo to matter it has to be clear who you're a sibling of and by whom. If the default is that all children raised within a single household are siblings regardless of parentage the taboo is functional as a social more but it leaves the actual reasons/concern for it (inbreeding) unaddressed. And this isn't even really looking at the possibility of a girl accidently seeking out her own unknowing father/uncle as an initiator/guide; even with the age taboo it's somewhere between "unfortunately possible" and "not all that unlikely" given the small size of the community and the number of cross relations going on. And, without a certain knowledge of who begat whom, it's not clear on how either party even thinks to worry about it, much less prevents it . . .

I admit it's silly to worry about fantasy genetics but with a community as closed as this one it's I think a justifiable thing for them to be concerned about.

Sorry, my bad for leaving that vague. Siblings are considered to be children of the same mother.

Yes, uncle, grandfather, even father are all quite reasonable to use, wither it's genetically appropriate or not. Cousin is a common term to apply to anyone of similar age in the same household who isn't a sibling.

. . . and part of my brain just went squick. Granted, I get the historical and cultural precedent but it somehow seems just a bit more visceral than it did in my Anthropology 411 class. Poor Fain.

Brings up a larger question actually: you've established that the primary antagonist here is going to be Catholicism or some close analog of it with the sinister turned to 11 and the good works turned down to 1. All that's a given. But is the flipside to that supposed to be that Pentingham is an inherent good? Just writing up Fain as briefly as I did there's already tension present between the "community as guardian" vs. "community as control/submission" aspects of
Hence the dream and subconscious interpetation of Amael-as-Wolf being threating/warning as opposed to reassuring. Less "Come back into the fold" more "Disobedience is Death." Because, well, those who leave Pentingham never come back and nature is as cruel as she is kind . . .
Amael and all the wiggy Giver-esque stuff that can imply. Is that interpretation/tension something you want in the game or would it be a sour note in the game?

Heh. Yeah, they will probably eventually have inbreeding problems, but with the small community size, that's basically inevitable at some point. Still, this is long, long before Mendel, and people didn't really know so much about that. The issue of sex between a father and daughter falls into a murky place, for the very reason that it can happen unknowingly. The short answer is that no one worries about it too much, because what you can't know, you just can't know. When the biological relationship is known, though, it's out of bounds. This does not apply to children of the same father with different mothers. The term 'sibling' does truly only apply to children of the same woman.


The following of Amael could be seen in some ways as the Good Intentions Paving Company, yes. It is very reasonable to have that tension, as there is a type of control being exercised: xenophobia. The fae are dangerous, the dragon might eat you, the Catholics will burn you as a heretic. THEY will get you if you wander too far. You belong HERE with US. CONFORM or bad things will happen.

Your team is the good guys, but that doesn't make it perfect. Most people won't see the control, because it's not like any of it is nonsense. The fae are dangerous, the dragon may very well eat you, the Catholics probably will burn you as a heretic. That doesn't mean there's no motive for instilling these messages deep down besides your personal safety.

Likewise with Amael's commands. You have a duty to follow what she says, because she loves you and you love her, and if you don't, you're a bad person. THEY want you to disobey her...and it goes from there.

I'll jump in when I feel the time is right. Right now? Let Maurice and Ben play!

Also, I currently have a dwarven barbarian named Maurice in action on the Weave. It makes me smile every time I have to remind myself that this Maurice is a 6 year boy. Because well... my Maurice is a six year old boy (in heart and soul only).

Hey all, thought I'd come by and say hello.

First, thanks dauphinous (and all others) for your patience.

As I'm writing this, I'm still in hospital, having gotten two screws into my ankle during the surgery two days ago. I'm still a bit fuzzy but at least able to return to the weave for a bit.

If everything goes as planned, I'll be able to go home tomorrow morning - and without the 'pharmacy fairy' coming three times a day (and making a fuss if you don't accept her offerings ), I'll be in better shape to actually write something instead of rambling.
Like I'm doing now.

Yuck. I hope for your swift recovery, Whisper. Barring that, I hope you have to put up with as little pain as possible.

Well, it didn't go as planned and they kept me longer in hospital, putting me off from day to day.

But I'm back home now. Finally.



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