Ah, sorry. One will be up shortly.

So far there's three votes for the headline: "And the innocent bystanders were killed by ill-aimed dragonfire."

Four votes. Dauph, I hope you didn't want us to actually be doing anything during this little vignette. haha.

You never know! Crazy things can happen. Crazy, man, cra-zy.

Also, I know Maurice can't actually do anything, but people are getting splucked most heinously, so I'd like to hear from Cyco.

Wait till our parents find us out in the woods, smoking. If they'd been there a few minutes earlier, they'dve seen us still on fire!

Sorry, was thinking there was one more at the log to post.

Maurice is caught up in the battle so he'll react to the gore a little later.. that is... if he is able to... Krispy Kids!

I've tried to establish that Vincent is a strange little kid, but if for any reason you think he's a bit too strange or a bit too ...mature?... for his age, let me know. It's hard playing an age in which I do not remember nor have kids to base it upon.

Nah, every town needs their weirdo. As I said, he's the 'touched' one.

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