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Submission format{optional picture of either child or future adult (or both)}
Name, age, gender
Birthday (day and month only)
W:# R:# S:# (Your intended scores)
Basic biographical information - What is the household like, what jobs are held by residents, how many siblings and birth order, etc.

Personality explanation - Discuss the personality of the child you will portray in the first scene. Touch on your plans for future development, but don't get into details, as events and circumstances may alter such things.

Writing sample - Write what is essentially a post for your character as his/her current age (5/6). You are in control of all the elements of the post. Keep it to a single, relatively simple event. The purpose of this is to show me how you write posts and how you intend to portray the character you just described. You are free to use NPCs as needed, but your character must be the focus of the post.

No private tags, please - this information should all be public. Also, no spoiler or ooc tags. You do not need to use a fieldset tag, I only did so to separate the format from the rest of this post. Do not include 'Name, age, gender' as a line heading - replace each word with the information requested.

Maurice, five, male
13th August
W:3 R:6 S:1

Walter was the town’s rope maker and head of his house. He lived with Dorothy the mother of his youngest two children, his eldest son Nicolas, his daughter Millicent, Millicent’s daughter Anna, and Anna’s father John. Also living with them was Maurice who was fathered by Walter’s second son.

Maurice was born to Ceclia who was the eldest daughter of a small family of Bakers and had lived with them till a year ago when a bad winter took almost the whole family. Only Maurice, four at the time, and Jon, Maurice’s uncle survived.

Maurice was a frustrated and angry young boy and often expressed this though bad moods and minor acts of disobedience, though not when Walter was nearby. He had a lot to be angry about - life had been good a year ago; then he had had a mother, had lived at a bakery, had really nice food that smelled and tasted great, was spoiled and even had his own room even though it did double as a storage room. Now he had no mother, no father and had to work with dirty plants and sleep in a common room. Worse still he had an annoying slightly older cousin to deal with, two bossy uncles and a mean grandfather. He did not want to be a rope maker, his taste of life as a baker had spoiled him and he wanted more. His dream was that his uncle Jon would take him on as an apprentice when he was old.

No matter what the future holds its unlikely Maurice will ever be truly satisfied with his life and he will seek out opportunities to better himself. As an orphan he will be pitied and often left out and he will learn to accept and even like being seen as an outsider to most people. He will probably have only a few close friends and keep everyone else at arm’s length.

“You’ll get in trouble”

Anna’s sing song voice came floating up from below.

Stink bugs, how could she have finished doing the dishes so fast?

“Go away and don’t you tell on me or I’ll.. I’ll pull your hair”

It wasn’t his best threat but he was busy. He stretched a little further and got a better grip on the next branch with his left hand. The one he was standing on gave an ominous creak.

“You’ll do that anyway. Are you going to fall? I think I’ll stay and watch that.”

He would have liked to say something back but bending branch beneath him was threatening to pull his hand off the next so taking a quick breath he kicked up. He got one leg up over the branch though nearly losing his grip in the process. Then he scraped his elbow on the trunk as he twisted his body upwards and over. But he was safe and it was easy work to climb out a bit and then swing down and drop lightly onto the roof.

A tile slid out from his left foot and slipped from the roof. There was a moment of victory as he nimbly regained his balance but that was quickly quashed when he heard the crack as the tile smashed against the ground.

Oh no.

“Ooohh.. now you are in for it.”

Anna laughed happily as she danced away looking for someone to tell.

Maurice climbed to the highest point and sat and stared towards the setting sun. He might as well enjoy the sight, he was going to pay for it later no matter what.

Submission format{optional picture of either child or future adult (or both)}
Vincent, 6, male
Birthday January 3rd
W:3 R:3 S:4 (Your intended scores)
Basic biographical information -
Vincent is the eldest son of Gregor and Lydia, owners of a small parcel of land tucked quietly away right in the heart of Pentingham. The younger children make up most of the noise and chaos of the household, given that the twins are three and the youngest is still clutched in Lydia's arms. Gregor only recently purchased the land and was able to procure an odd assortment of animals for it. Vincent finds it fascinating how his father uses the animals to produce, work, and protect their property -both physical and emotional.

The other two men that reside within the small domicile are also related to Vincent. One, Elijah, is father to the twins and helps till the fields alongside Gregor. Vincent will listen to Elijah when the man takes on the throne of father-figure or disciplinarian, but more often than not he will run to his blood-father for his take on things. Pretty standard practice for a child not getting his way: ask another adult. The elder man of the household, William, is Lydia's blood-father. He is confined to the kitchen on most days and leads the children in their studies of seed recognition and food preparation/conservation.

Personality explanation -
Vincent is a curious child, but not so much that he meanders too far away from the law brought forth from his parents. A goose that escapes the pin can be chased for hours and concerns can easily creep up, but Vincent isn't likely to jump to a conclusion that someone stole it or that he needs to steal from another to replace the lost animal. Self-awareness on such moral standards might be a bit odd for a child his age, but he doesn't notice.

Writing sample -

The barn was rich with noise and excitement. One of the sows was ripe with little piglets and both Gregor and Elijah were trying their best to keep her comfortable. She had cost them dearly at the auction and now she was prepared to repay their hard work and patience.

Up in the loft sat two beady little eyes that rested just inches from a tangle of sandy brown hair. Vincent had made his way up the ladder on the outside and traversed the roof to get to his spy spot and with the commotion down below he had done so unnoticed. He wasn't sure why none of the adults wanted to be there when the pig had her litter, but he was bound and determined to find out.

Benjamin, Five, Male
November 7
W:4 R:2 S:4

Basic biographical information - Benjamin's parents are Beren and Hannah, he has a sister a year younger named Alice, and Hannah's mother Marian also lives in the house. Beren is a member of the Pentingham Militia, and is recognized as a solid and loyal soldier, if one who doesn't have the right mindset to be promoted to a leadership position. Hannah is one of the relatively few mages in town, and was an apprentice of Kevin. She specializes in healing magic and rituals, and is the town's de facto doctor. If someone falls ill, breaks a bone, or has complications during pregnancy, Hannah is usually the one called in to look at things. Marian tends the small herb garden that Hannah uses for her spell regeants and looks after her grandchildren when Beren and Hannah are working long days.

Personality explanation - Benjamin is a patient child who is uncomfortable with the unexpected. He prefers schedules and little rituals that help make the chaos of a day fall into order. He can adapt to things not going according to plan; he just doesn't it like it all that much when it happens. While he enjoys running around outside as much as any other kid, he also takes a few things seriously; his parents told him that he has to watch out for his little sister, and so he does. He's also begun to take up reading; usually by candlelight, after the day's work is done.

Writing sample - Benjamin carefully placed the beeswax candles around the moaning man. He'd been brought in about an hour ago by his wife, who had told Mama that her husband had fallen down moaning in the middle of the field. Both of them were distraught, but with a few calm and soothing words, Mama had called them down and had asked Ben to get her things.

Ben knew right away what she needed, because he'd seen her do this particular spell several times (including on himself that one time he'd gotten sick after eating a rotten egg on a dare; what a stupid idea that had been!). 8 beeswax candles for placing around the sick person on each of the compass points, 5 uncrushed mint leaves, a sprig of coriander, a small pail which he had filled with water from the well earlier that morning (the water was supposed to be for drinking later, but Ben knew better than to complain about that now), and Mama's book of spells. It took a few trips, but he had everything she needed.

Now Ben was placing the candles in the exact spots that Mama wanted him to (the places were marked on the floor by wax drippings from all the other times the candles had been burned as a part of the spell). As he did so, he could hear her mixing the herbs into the water. He finished his careful placement of the candles before she was done mixing, and when Mama looked up to see him done, she gave him a smile that made the hard work worth it. Somehow, just knowing that Mama thought he did a good job was reward enough for Ben.

Now, he stepped back out of the circle of candles as Mama lit them so that she could concentrate on the spell. He'd gotten punished before for getting inside the circle; Mama had told him that if he was there, he could mess up the spell and hurt the person the spell was trying to help. So instead he stood next to the crying woman, and grabbed her hand.
"It's okay," he whispered to her, "Mama's helping him. He'll get better." And it was true; there simply was not a problem that Mama couldn't fix.

He then heard Mama start to rhythmically chant, a soft, lyrical flow of words in the old tongue, the language that people used when saying prayers to Amael. As the chant went on, the smoke from the burning candles all floated towards the pail of water and mixed herbs, and from there it floated around the man. He coughed violently a few times, but then the coughing calmed down until he was breathing normally.

Mama then stepped back, and said to the woman, "He's going to be fine. Make sure that he doesn't work tomorrow, so that we can be sure that the sickness doesn't come back." As the woman went over to Mama, babbling praise to her, Ben smiled real wide at his Mama. He hoped that she knew that he was proud too; proud that someone so extraordinary was his Mama. Sure, Papa did real important work keeping the village safe from monsters and bad men, but if asked what he really felt, Ben would say that he wanted to grow up to help people like Mama did.

Harold, Five-and-a-half, Male
Birthday: August 18th
W: 6 R: 2 M: 2

General Family Bio: Part of one of the larger farming households in town, managing the five fields on the eastern side, over the brook running through town. Harold is the second son to Daryl and Sheila, third of Sheila's five children. Silas is the eldest and the first son of the household, seven years Harold's elder, apprenticed to a shepherd. Jeanne was born three years later, fathered by Francis, who also lives with the family, farming alongside his brother Donald and his partner Allison. The last two children were a set of twins, Wendy and Jeffrey, at two years old. It's not quite clear who the father was, but Frank and Don often joke about which of the two is theirs versus their brother's.

Personality: In such a busy household, Harold certainly is kept active with his new chores, but he takes pride in his work, little as it is so far. Of course with all the activity, all of his mother's and Allison's younger children around, he feels a bit on the sidelines, but doesn't mind all that much. He knows his family's always nearby, if not in body, in spirit and there for him. He doesn't talk much, considering the amount of noise already in the house, but will get someone's attention if he really needs something.

Writing Sample: The sun shone with a distinctly happy air as Harold made his way along the side path, away from the din inside the house. Wendy and Jeff were yowling at one another for some imagined slight one committed, and since Mother had it under control, it was probably wisest to keep out from underfoot.

Fetching the pail from a fence post, the boy, proudly 'almost six' by his own terms, lugged it with tottering gait towards the brook. Looking out towards the fields as he walked, he could see one of his uncles working at a tough patch of soil, hacking in rhythm to some hummed tune floating on the air. It was spring and it was planting season, and Harold was happy to finally be able to pitch in. Plunging the bucket into the babbling brook, the boy grit his teeth and grunted as he tried to pull it back out, filled to the brim with clear, cold water. Steadying his feet and giving a heave, he tried again with little success, the rim just barely breaking the surface. A few more pulls and the child was panting, though the full water pail was on the bank of the brook.

"Having a bit of trouble there, are we, kiddo?" A bass voice warm with a chuckle came from nearby, giving Harold a start. It was his uncle Don, probably about to go help his brother in the field. The older man hefted the bucket up and set it onto the path before dunking a long strip of cloth into it, tying it around his neck with a contented sigh. "Where are you bringing all this water anyway?"

"I was gonna start workin' on my garden. Momma said I could when spring came." The boy pushed some of his tousled loamy hued hair from his moss green eyes before trying to heft the bucket again. Don chuckled and gently tilted the bucket so that some of its contents spilled onto the bank and down to the brook once more as the boy stumbled at the shift in balance. "Hey! I needed that..."

"You always try and do it all at once, and that'll only slow you down. Manage what you can and you'll go a lot farther. Try it again now, Harry." The young boy hefted the bucket and nearly stumbled backwards as it came up much easier, now only half full. It still was a strain on the young arms, but he could do it by himself and that made all the difference. He began the same lurching gait as he heaved the water towards his intended plot of soil, slightly shaded by some of the tall older trees, turning his head to holler back with a bright smile, "Thanks uncle Don!"


Defense: 6

Lore (M)
Thaumaturgy (M)
Cooking (M)


1st Circle
  • Creates a magic light at the tip of a staff or other weapon that illuminates a 10-yard radius, much like a torch.
    • Ball of Light (creates a floating ball of light, controllable by thougths)
    • Colored Light (the light shines in a color chosen by the caster)
    • Light Beam (the light shines in a tight beam which reaches 15 yards)
    • Flash (the effect last only one round but blinds everyone who looks unprotected into the flash for 1d6 rounds)
    The magic light last for 1 hour or until dispelled by the caster.
    Sustain (1 MP / Hour)
    WRM p. 12
    Magic Light
  • Heals one target within line of sight for 1d6-2 (min. 1) HP.
    • +2 HP healed per level
    Based on "Soothing Ray" (Imperial Library, p.12)
  • The touched creature is protected from ranged attacks by a shield of runes that intercepts all such attacks. The Runes can absorb / deflect 4 HP worth of attacks. Damage in excess of the (remaining) HP is not transfered to the target. The Runes last for 1 hour or until depleted.
    • The runes can absorb +4 HP per level
    Sustain (1 MP / additional Hour)
    Based on Lesser Deflection (Imperial Library, p. 12)
    Runes of Shielding
  • Creates one daily, nourishing if bland, ration of food and water for one person (porridge, gruel or doughy bread).
    Enhanced versions create, at the caster's choice, the food raw and unprepared. Essentially, base ingredients for cooking.
    • One E.: Food is seasoned and flavorful.
    • Two E.: Creates real meat and vegetables.
    (Imperial Library, p. 13)
    Mage's Meal
  • Wards a small area (up to 10 yards) for 12 hours. Caster will instantly be aware if someone crosses into the warded area unless a rogue checks vs the caster's mage attribute succeeds.
    • +6 hours duration
    • +1 to the DL to sneak across the boundary with a rogue check
    Sentry Ward

Runed Staff (
Stored Spell: Invigorate.
Charge: 10 MP
1st circle implement / melee weapon) 80+2 SP
Spellbook (leatherbound) 20 SP
(Spells x 5) 125 SP

Clothing, normal & traveling (6 SP)
Adventure's Kit
Not as such, but in form of various household items that could be pulled together)
* 5 SP
Backpack 4 SP
Ration (1 week)
Not as such, but in form of various household items that could be pulled together)
* 7 SP
Candy 1 SP

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